Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Although we each had done a half marathon, Jay and I had yet to do one together. We remedied this problem last Saturday at the Sleepy Hollow Half marathon! Here’s the day in pictures:20140322_090459


I picked up our race packets at the Westchester Road Runner store. I shouldn’t say packets, actually. We got big reusable shopping bags filled with coupons and samples and pens… plus Road Runner gave 20% off to everyone picking up their bibs! So straight to the start line we went.


photo 1

requisite pre-race sneaker/bib shot

The fire department had their giganto American flag out, which Xavier refers to as a Pop-Pop flag (my dad is a Vietnam vet and almost always has a flag on his shirt) and salutes whenever sees one.

20140322_090947We peeped out the finish line and I promised I would return.

20140322_091226The race started and we shot straight up a m*****f****** hill, because it’s Sleepy Hollow and it is a very hilly area and for some godawful reason I didn’t think about that when I registered for this thing.

After the first (or second, or twelfth, or whatevereth…) gigantic hill , thing got weird. Could have been exhaustion-induced hallucinations or maybe just the race organizers trying to make us smile after nearly killing us.



Then I realized that I absolutely positively could not get hurt or have to be swept off the course because there is just something about a headless horseman on an ambulance that is just a bit disconcerting. 20140322_113110



Lots of races promise music along the course, but how many have an actual band! Pretty cool!20140322_114309

Jay took a picture of this crazy artwork, 20140322_120854

but I don’t remember it all that well because there was a dog in a car that was passing us. It was cheering us on with its howling and I was busy howling back at him.

Even though, my knee started really hurting me by the last 3 miles and I had to walk (a lot,)we still finished at a run.  Jay seems to forget that I’m only 5 feet tall and has a tendency to practically lift me off my feet at finish lines.

shhmm2014finishD-531Rivertown Runners, who organizes this event, took so many finish line pictures. I never get finish line pictures so this was really cool. All of the photos were put up on Shutterfly and were totally free to download- Awesome!



Then I took the most awesome selfie ever while capture my PR. Shaved 10 minutes off my Disney World half time! Not bad for having not trained properly AT ALL.

photo 2

Then I ran (hobbled quite slowly) away to the car for the ride home. Kept my Al1ve Magnetics calf sleeves on cuz I knew the calf crampies were just going to get worse sitting in the car for an hour and change.


photo 3


Quick stop at Cracker Barrel to grab some post-race indulgences while still in sweat-soaked race gear. Country fried steaks, macaroni and cheese, and hash brown casserole were well-deserved. Root beer is way tastier than an actual post-race beer as far as I am concerned. (Jay- I’m sure you’ll be kicking me out of the house for saying that. When you pack my bags and leave them in the front yard, please be kind and leave them on the dry patches of grass. Thanks)photo 4

And in true Dirt & Frosting fashion, I did not rest after the race. I baked lots and lots of cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party/Hudson Valley SPCA* supply drive. Mmmm… Peanut Butter and chocolate…photo 5  The End.




*As a terrible coda to the day, the HVSPCA that the supply drive was for caught on fire early Sunday morning. 2 Dogs perished and 5 suffered burns and smoke inhalation. If you would like to help, please click here.