I’m Silly

Just two (ok, 2 and a half) weeks until the muddy season starts up again! And I’m not talking about when the last bit of snow finally melts- that better come much sooner. Like when I get home from work today sooner.

I’ll be trying out the Tough Mudder again. This time in the Poconos. It’s a tad bit closer and, well, I don’t have to go to NJ. I’ve got a great team going and am anticipating a really good time. I’m in much better shape than last time and I have no silly notions of inflicting burpee penalties on myself. I’m going to go into this like a Mudder, not a Spartan. Fun is the main goal. Well, that and finishing without having to go to an orthopedist shortly thereafter, which was the end result of my first Tough Mudder.

For nostalgia’s sake, I went back and read that post from my first Tough Mudder. Then, I read the very next post. It was very silly. I was very silly.

I shall quote myself:

I never thought of myself as a runner. I’m an OCR junkie, sure. But a runner? No freaking way. I hate running. Running is just a way to get from one obstacle to the next.

Runners are those psycho people who wake up at 3am to go for a 5-mile jog before breakfast.  They wear short shorts and windbreakers. Their race bibs stay clean and can be neatly arranged on cute little display.

See? I’m so funny.

So friggin’ much has changed in 17 months.

I am definitely a runner. A slow-as-molasses-in-winter runner, but a runner nonetheless. I run as often as I can and even head to the dreaded treadmill when necessary. I even run when there are *GASP* no obstacles at all!

I am still an OCR junkie, but I’m losing my Spartan ways faster than Queen Gorgo can stab a corrupt politician. Or rather, Spartan Race is losing its Spartan ways and I just don’t feel like hanging around and watching it fall. I still go out of my way to run through mud puddles and find smaller, fun OCRs.

I still am not crazy enough to wake up at 3am to go for a run before work. You want me to get up early, run, come back, shower, get the kiddo ready, and then drive my ass an hour and half to get to work by 8? Nope. Nope. Nope. I know there are people that do- hooray for them and all that- but it’s not for me.

I do not wear short shorts, although I did try to purchase short shorts. Luckily, I tried them on first and decided that the world did not need to see that. For that matter, I didn’t really need to see that.

I also still do not wear windbreakers. The swish-swish sound would drive me batshit crazy. (Did you know that spell-check does not consider batshit a word? Hmm.. Let me try bat-shit. Yep bat-shit is a word.) I do, however, have a jacket specifically for running. And gloves for running. Odd, I don’t need nor want gloves in the muck when others want them, but running out on the road when the weather drops below 40? Gloves, please.

AND I have a whole bunch of neat, clean, totally still readable bibs. And they are on a display. Actually, on multiple displays.

I promise there are some neat and clean ones underneath the funked up, dirty, crumpled ones.


Last year, I did 6 OCRs but 8 road races. Add in the 7 virtual road races and I did twice as many runs as obstacle courses. 8 out of the 13 races I’ve done and/or registered for for 2014 are road or trail runs. What is going on? Am I cleaning up my act, so to speak?

Has anyone else out there started as a mud runner and ended up going the clean shorts and running shoes route?