The Miracle of NatureBox

Let me preface this by saying that I am not being paid by NatureBox. They did not ask me to write this. They do not even know that I am writing this. I merely witnessed a miracle last night and feel obliged to report it.

When X was a wee little baby, he was such a great eater. He ate whatever fruits and vegetables given to him. By the time he had teeth he was eating quinoa and chicken and fish and whole grain bread and filet mignon (because he’s a spoiled little foodie brat.) People were shocked that he ate provolone and asparagus and salmon.

Then he turned 2 and all things fruit and/or vegetable were banished from his palate. He’ll still eat entire filets of flounder and enjoy a marinated skirt steak, but if there is even so much as a speck of green parsley besmirching his plate, the whole meal is left sitting cold next to his Batman cup of apple juice.

Jay and I have done a few things to try to get fruits and vegetables of some sort into the kid. Instead of regular juice, he gets Fruitables juice. Whenever possible, Jay grinds carrots or cauliflower or whatever came in the CSA share into his cheeseburgers. I buy X those Gerber Grabber pouch things as ‘treats’ when we go grocery shopping to try to trick him. We never thought we’d have to be those parents, sneaking fruits and veggies into our kid’s diet, but we are.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to NatureBox and thought I’d go ahead and try it. It is a subscription healthy snack service. Every month, they send me 5 packages of natural snacks. Maybe X would eat good things if they came in little packages in the mail? Worth a shot. And even if he didn’t like it, I could eat these snacks instead of the cupcakes that so frequently are sitting in my house, taunting me like little frosted imps.

How’d it work out? The first thing he loved was their Sunshine Chips, which, according to NatureBox, are “a rainbow of vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, taro and green beans as a crispy snack.”

From the NatureBox website

I actually had to cut him off because he kept reaching for more and more and more. as I danced around the house singing, “He’s eating a veggie! He’s eating a veggie!” (I sang very quietly so as not to let him know that he was eating a veggie.)

He loves all of their Figgy Bars, which are kind of like slightly bigger Fig Newtons. He goes bananas over them. In fact, he was sick on Friday so I picked him up a mini box of cookies to cheer him up, but instead of the super soft chocolate chip cookies, all he wanted was a “Piggy Bar.” As in, “Here’s a cookie, X” was responded to with “NOOOOOO!!!!! Piggy Bar!!!!!!!”

Actual fruit remained a difficult sell, though. He drinks juice and loves SunRype FruitSource bars and Fruit Strips*, but real pieces of fruit have not passed his lips since he cut his pre-molars. Now for the miracle: Forget the oil lasting for 8 days or the water turning into wine. My 2 1/2 year old ate DRIED FRUIT and asked for more!! Twice!

NatureBox sent the Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley. Out of pure curiosity, I put a handful of these dried cranberries and apple bits onto his dinner plate next to his fish sticks. I was completely expecting to watch him eat all of the fish and leave a plate full of dried fruit, but the exact opposite happened. One of the dogs got to enjoy leftover fish sticks while I emptied half a pouch of the Medley onto X’s plate.


And I got photographic proof!

I love NatureBox. They are my new favorite people. I wish I had some kind of giveaway or deep discount to give you so you could go try it, but I don’t. The best I can do is put a referral link on the Dirt & Frosting Facebook and Twitter pages, so go check those out, or click here.

*For the record, I am a SunRype USA Ambassador. I have received running gear and lot of free samples. That being said, I do have my dignity and would not lie about the quality of a product or the fact that X really does go ga-ga over  them.

It’s blurry because he was just beginning his “Mommy Got a New Shipment of SunRype Samples” Happy Dance.