Whine First. Run Later.


I’m bummed. I popped on to the Vintage Runs website last week to double check some race dates and was greeted with this:

New Picture (2)


My first thought was Did no one sign up? That just could  not be the problem. If enough people signed up for the super hilly, no-so-great-wine Benmarl event, then at least 12.7 million people (rough estimate) should be wanting to run on relatively flat streets and enjoy some of the best wine in NY at the oldest winery in America. Brotherhood Winery is just that good. Like President Clinton kept their Riesling stocked at the White House good.

My next thought was Oh crap! Did something happen to Todd or Myriam?! They are the super-nice, wickedly awesome people who are behind Vintage Runs. Todd introduced himself to us at our first Vintage Run at Aroma Thyme. Though I forgot his name at the time, he didn’t forget Jay and I. He greeted us by name when we arrived for the Benmarl Bud Break. Then, when I registered for the Brotherhood event about 17 seconds after the announcement was posted to Facebook, he sent me a personal email to let us know that we were the first people to register. What other race directors pay that much attention to their participants? Um.. None that I’ve met just yet.

I scoured the Vintage Runs site and social media to try to find out what was going on. The run scheduled for October at Bethel Woods was still going on, so it’s not like they went out of business like certain other race companies <coughHeroRushcoughcoughRunForYourLivescough>.

Finding no answers, I went straight to Todd. I sent him an email to find out what the deal was. Apparently, much like when I registered for the run, I was just too quick to jump. He was going to be sending an email later that day to inform everyone that the event was, in fact, cancelled. The village that the race would have been held in decided not to award the permit. Boo. We were given the option of a refund or credit for another run. Being wine drinkers with a running problem, we opted for the credit. It’s inevitable that we’ll do another one of these races.

After getting over the initial sadness of missing out on the opportunity to run and then drink Brotherhood wines, I came up with an idea.

A wonderful, awful idea!

Jay and I don’t need a permit to take the kiddo for a little run around the village next door. We don’t need a permit to stop at the Winery for a little taste. (Before heading over to the next next town over to Applewood Winery for our Wino Club pick-up, of course.)

Many thanks to whoever made this eBib.

Sounds like Jay and I still have something to do that day. And if some other people join us, well then, that just sounds like good time.


Have you had a race canceled on you? Did you run that day anyway?

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