WDW Half Marathon Part I: Getting There


4:30 AM

Wake up. Roll out of bed. Get dressed. Wonder what the heck the deal is with the 2 inches of snow covering my driveway. Was it supposed to snow? No. Was our DPW ready with snow plows and salted roads. No.

Stealthily sit in the living room reading while waiting for Christina to pick me up. Stealth techniques fail. Sit listening to crying dachshund that I was trying to avoid waking.

5:30ish AM

Slip on ice-covered driveway while getting to Christina’s car. Land directly on left ass-cheek and right forearm. Pray to Athena that I didn’t actually hurt anything but my pride.

7 AM

Sit for. ev. er. on the tarmac waiting for the plane to be de-iced.

7:30 AM

Fly to Orlando. Read Soldier Dogs. Get inspired to get moving on creating another virtual run for America’s VetDogs. (Check the top right corner for info on my virtual for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.)

10:15 AM

Holy mother of crap is it humid in Florida! Why didn’t I pack shorts, tank tops, or a bathing suit?

12 PM

Meet up with Tiffany and Hannah. The Running Mamas are complete.

3 PM

Packet pick-up and huge-ass Expo of Awesomeness.


Holy cow! This is actually happening!

Bum really hard that they no longer have the RunDisney 13.1 car magnet that I really, really wanted.

Wander Epcot while drinking champagne. Simultaneously relish being away from our respective children while talking about them continuously.

7 PM

Delicious pre-race meal at the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort.

Last time I was in Disney, I stayed at this hotel with my Aunt Fran and Grandma. I was 8 years old. Though I could have eaten anything on any menu in all of Disney, all I wanted all weekend was a hot dog. My Aunt Fran made fun of me every time she saw me after that until she passed away a few years ago. I hope she is proud of me getting something a little more upscale this time around.

Sweet potato gnocchi and tons of veg and hazelnut yumminess

Sweet potato gnocchi and tons of veg and hazelnut yumminess

9 PM – 3 AM

Get running gear together for the morning.

Attempt to sleep. Get pissed off at people in next room who won’t shut their face-holes. Get pissed off at electrical outlet for not properly charging my phone.