Friday FoodDay – Ready-to-go Recipes

My husband is a chef and I just love to eat, so ninety-nine times out of a hundred we end up tweaking or completely changing recipes.

For today’s Friday FoodDay, I’ll  share 2 of the very rare no-need-to-change-because-it’s-perfect-already recipe finds. One of them is a healthy, protein-packed dinner that we make at least twice a month. The other is a truly decadent calorie-fest that should only be reserved for special occasions or really bad days. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

The first is a Black Bean and Corn Chili that was originally pinned from Living Well Spending Less.

Pinned to my Healthy Noms board  (hint, hint)

When it says that it is a 30 minute recipe, it isn’t kidding. This is a super-quick recipe that is great for weeknights. Unlike other quick chili recipes, this one actually tastes like a chili that’s been simmering away for hours. Another plus is that it’s made pretty much entirely with stuff that you can keep around the house indefinitely, so it is always there when it’s time to make dinner.

Our family is definitely a bunch of meat-eaters, so when the recipe gives the option of ‘vegetarian crumbles’ or ground beef, we go the ground beef route. We’ve also gone the ground chicken and ground turkey route for an even healthier option. One day I may even try to make it with the vegetarian crumbles and see if the carnivores notice the difference. We’ve also done it with a few different brands of salsa verde and one that we tried was definitely superior to all others- although Herdez worked out well, too. Of course, now that I’m trying to search the interwebs to find the name, it is pretending it doesn’t exist. I promise I will go storm into ShopRite on my way home and find the name of that salsa, because it was sooooo delish in this recipe.

Found it!

The next recipe doesn’t have a picture (and I forgot to take one) so it is not up on Pinterest. Honestly, it doesn’t need a pic. It needs 3 words to hook you:




Do I really need to say anything else?

The recipe is Black and Tan Irish Mac and Cheddar from the Food Network recipe vaults and it was sent to me by my friend and Donald Duck Sister (that’s a WHOLE ‘nother post,) Jeannine, in response to my post about the Gruyere and Bacon mac n’ cheese. I saved this recipe to make for St. Patrick’s Day, but then I ended up making Irish Car Bombs instead, and couldn’t sacrifice my oven away for making actual food. I’m pretty sure we ended up having Italian Sunday pasta at my Mom’s house instead. Real Irish-like.

Given the ingredients of 2 kinds of beer and 2 kinds of cheese plus bacon and pasta, I really don’t think I need to explain how evilly delicious this is. It is a little time consuming and you dirty a lot of pots and pans, but it is sooo worth it. Oh and make sure that you use a really big pot for cooking the pasta. If you look at the recipe, you’ll see that you actually cook the pasta IN beer. Beer is bubbly. Boiling water is bubbly. Pasta makes it more bubbly. Bubbly³ has a potential for a very messy kitchen. After eating the entire casserole dish of this pasta (and you will want to,) you will NOT be in the mood to clean that up. You’ve been warned.