Wonder Mom Wednesday – Favorite Mom Moments

One of the blogs that I follow, This Mama Runs for Cupcakes, has teamed up with Mom Who Tris and Mom Swim Bike Run to host a blog link-up called Wonder Mom Wednesday. They invited anyone to link up. I figured, “Why not?”

This Week’s Topic- Favorite Mom Moments from last week

First off, I am fully aware that today is Thursday. I am a mom and I work full time 63 miles away from home. Sometimes I just can’t get to blog writing and things get shifted about. Recaps don’t get written until 3 days after a race and Wednesday posts become Thursday posts. I actually have a FoodDay Friday post that was supposed to go out 2 Fridays ago but is still sitting in the draft pile. Also, sometimes I get lost in an X-Files binge on Netflix. So I blame the aliens for my late post.

On to this week’s topic. Favorite mom moments from last week. Here goes:

X repeatedly asking when he can go “run too fast” again.

IMG_1269[1]I don’t know if it is because he truly enjoys running or if he just likes getting medals, or if he just likes that he gets to wear his Iron Man Under Armour, but ever since he ran the Run Like a Mother kid’s 1 miler, he always wants to go running with us. If he’s in the jogging stroller, he insist he gets out and run, too. I think it’s been happening more this week because he ran a little bit of the General Montgomery Day 8K and hasn’t come off his adrenaline rush yet.

X playing happily, nicely, and bravely.


I don’t usually get to see X playing with kids around his age. Jay drops him off at day care and I only occasionally get to pick him up. I don’t have time nor the interpersonal skills to take him on play dates. The neighborhood kids are all way bigger than him. This weekend, though, we stayed in Rhode Island for the Surftown Half Marathon and X got to play with other kids. He showed Christina’s Baby A and Hannah’s daughter the wonders of Batman and the other Avengers. He sat and watched Frozen with all the kids, which was a miracle because usually unless someone is wearing a cape or yelling “Hulk SMASH!!” he won’t watch it. The most cool thing was watching him play on the beach with Tiffany’s 4 1/2 year old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter. With zero fear, he wandered out chase the waves and giggle and dig sand and do beach things with the other kids. When at the beach in Rehoboth, he was very afraid of the water and it took either me and Jay or Jay and my dad holding his hands to get him to even dip a toe in the surf. This time, he even jumped on Tiffany’s husband’s skimboard! Who is this kid?

Baby’s First Smiley Face on Baby’s First Homework

As a nerd, it is only natural to completely ecstatic that my 3 year old is already getting homework. He was excited to get it done, wanted more, and got a “Good job” and a smiley face on his daily sign-in sheet for it.

X geeking out

I have no picture for this, but when I opened up Netflix on the X-Box last week, X started singing “Doo-bie, doo-bie, dooo-bie” to the tune of the X-Files theme. How effing awesome is it that X has learned the theme to my favorite 90s SciFi tv show? I mean, I know it’s just because Jay and I have been binging on it lately and he hears it ALL THE TIME but it’s still pretty cool. He even has started to request it sometimes when we tell him that no, he cannot watch a 7th episode of Justice League. I probably shouldn’t be letting him watch such a grown up show, but I’m a bit of an X-Phile and can usually tell whether or not the next episode is one that has too much violence or would give him nightmares. Though I did mis-remember a recent one and X may have seen someone decapitated. Oddly, he didn’t seem bothered by it and only remarked, “he got a boo-boo on his neck. He has to go the hospital.” Why, yes, X. He does have a rather nasty boo-boo.

Moms uniting

The last favorite mom moment was not involving the kiddo directly. It occurred when unpacking in Rhode Island. I had packed a few DVDs to keep all the kiddos entertained. I pulled out a DVD of the acclaimed children’s book, Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus. Tiffany’s son, well versed in the awesomeness that is Mo Willems, immediately reacted saying “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!” Having read the darned book way more times that I care to admit, I responded with:


“But his cousin Herb drives a bus almost every day!”

From within the kitchen, I hear Tiffany respond, without missing a beat:


The very next line in the book.

This is completely on par with whenever someone asks, “What time is it?” at work and Christina and I both reply with:

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