FoodDay Friday – The Fridge

This is that post that was supposed to get posted 2 weeks ago!

For some reason, I’ve seen way too many things popping up in various feeds involving the contents of people’s refrigerators- from what runners should have in their fridge for a better run, to cleaning myths, to a contest to win a Voltron shirt by inventorying your icebox. Slow news day? Is it National Clean Out Your Fridge Week*? Whatever the reason, I’ll jump on the bandwagon with a list of things that are almost always in the fridge in my house.

Garlic Paste

I’m Italian. Garlic goes in everything. 

I’m also lazy. Garlic (unless it’s the really fresh garlic I get at the Garlic Festival) is a pain in the ass to peel and mince. Garlic paste allows me to skip those steps (and occasionally steal a squirt like it’s chocolate syrup.) Once upon a time, I would have just used garlic powder, but no more.


I may be a butter hoarder. Whenever it is on sale, I will totally throw 4 pounds of butter in my cart and then come back the next day for more. I really only use it for baking, but I NEED to have it available at all times. I actually keep so much butter on hand that I have become blind to its existence on my refrigerator shelves. Example: On Monday I went to make an Oreo cake for Jay’s birthday. I had a mini-hissy that I had NO butter in the house and had to resort to using margarine (why I had that I don’t know.) Yesterday afternoon, as I looked for garlic paste, I found 2 whole boxes of Hotel Bar butter in the door. How I missed 2 bright red boxes sitting in the fridge is beyond me.

And before my family interjects with this horrible anecdote from my childhood, let me just say it: when I was a kid (like, 3) I would eat butter like candy bars. My mother would find my teeth marks in the sticks of butter. The only way she could stop me, was by switching to tubs of butter. And by the way Mom- I wasn’t dumb. I just grabbed a spoon. Duh. I’m pretty sure I quit before elementary school.

Rogue Yogurt

There is always a stock pile of yogurt, but then there is always that container that magically wanders away from the rest of of them. They’ll all be nicely stacked on the right side of the middle shelf, but then that one- that stupid single container- winds up on the top shelf in way back left corner. It is way above my eye-line and even if I look from underneath the clear shelf, it just so happens to be blocked by the giant water dispenser in there. I find it at least 3 weeks after its ‘best if used by’ date. There’s a dollar that will never be seen again.

“What was in that?” Tupperware Container

I have all the good intentions of saving leftovers and extra ingredients for later use- half an onion, leftover gravy (pasta sauce), the rest of a can of bean sprouts. I either don’t use them, forget about them, or they follow the Rogue Yogurt into its private black hole in the back of the fridge. I just pulled not one, but TWO Tupperwares of refried black beans. One of them still looked like black beans. The other looked like when the lady who cleaned all of our Petri dishes in my college microbiology lab went on vacation and nobody bothered to clean up after themselves. That container got chucked in the trash. I wasn’t risking breathing in whatever alien mold spores I was harboring in my icebox.

I was not going to be responsible for releasing a mold plague of doom.

*Cleaning out your fridge does not get a whole week. Just a day- November 15.