Not-So-Daring Baker

July’s Daring Baker challenge wasn’t a normal challenge.

In a “celebration” of past Daring Baker and Daring Cook challenges, Lisa challenged all of us to search through the Daring Kitchen archives and pick any one we’d like! The REAL challenge was picking which delicious recipe(s) to try!

On the first of the month, I looked through the skajillions of recipes in the Daring Kitchen archives and saw the “Let’s Get Cheesy” challenge.

Sawsan from chef in disguise was our March 2013 Daring Cooks hostess! Sawsan challenges us to make our own homemade cheeses! She gave us a variety of choices to make, all of them easily accomplished and delicious!

One of Sawsan’s suggested recipes was for ricotta. I was sooo excited to try it out. Fast-forward a few days, and the Pintester blog ALSO had that option for the Pintester Movement 2.0 that I was supposed to be participating in. Score! Two for the work of one!

But here was my dilemma. As I was writing my “Pardon the Cheesiness” post for the Pintester Movement, I realized Crap! I am forbidden to post my Daring Baker challenge until the 27th! Dammit to Hell and back! Being extraordinary lazy, I decided just to write this post for the Daring Baker challenge, linking back to my cheese making. Ta-Da!

Then the guilt sank in. I can’t be a jerkface and not do something separate for the two different challenges. That’s cheating.

But then the laziness came tip-toeing back into my brain-meats. Well, that and there was a heat wave (=no oven please) and my leg has been acting up again (possibly because I went and walked 6 miles up and down a mountain followed by a 5K walk.) I know. Excuses, excuses. So, instead of actually making something new, I searched through the recipe archive again, and found recipes that I just happened to have made yesterday.

In an effort to empty out the fridge of random stuff, the hubs, X, and I made pizzas for lunch yesterday. So that I could at least pretend to be a good mommy, I made fresh pizza dough (which just so happened to have been the Daring Bakers Challenge for October of 2008.)  I used Gabriele Corcos’ recipe for the dough, but halved it because 2.5 people don’t need 4 10-inch pizzas. Jay’s pizza involved olive oil, shallots, scallions, and herbed goat cheese. X and I shared a more toddler-friendly one made with Dubliner cheese, scallions, shallots, and pepperoni. My little monster even helped sprinkle the cheese and scallions and place the pepperoni. This resulted in blobs of cheese in 1 or 2 spots and a stack of pepperoni in the center of the pie. This is why pizzerias are not run by 2-year-olds. Sorry, no pics of that. I had no idea where my phone/camera was at that moment in time. Here is a picture of Gabriele Corcos making his pizza, instead.

Note to self: Make the full batch of pizza dough next time. That was the best crust ever!

After stuffing our faces full of pizza, we set about to making a massive lasagne to hopefully last us for a few meals.

X helped with this, too!

X helped with this, too!

Now, there was a lasagne challenge in the Daring Kitchen in March 2009, but I totally did not follow that recipe. Why? 1) I just made friggin’ pizza dough. I wasn’t about to start a pasta dough as well. 2) My family’s lasagne recipe does not involve a béchamel sauce. Lasagne is labor intensive enough without also having to make a béchamel and if Grandma didn’t use it, I’m not using it. So there. We layered meat, ricotta (Polly-O this time,) mozzarella, lasagne sheets, homemade gravy (tomato sauce for you non-Bronx-Italian heathens,) and fresh basil from the farm share. Nom nom nom.

So there is my half-assed attempt at this month’s challenge. The Daring Kitchen Goddesses will probably strike me down where a stand. But 3 half-assed projects should at least get me partial credit, right?