In 2005, I was a dark little bachelorette living in a basement apartment in the Bronx with my cat.  I was working my dream job as a forensic scientist.  Y’know that Abby chick from NCIS? Yeah, that was me. I happily ate ramen noodles and frozen pizza in my living room furnished with a single recliner and the stereotypical milk-crate coffee table.

I must have been abducted by aliens and had my brain re-wired because somehow I am now married, living in the boonies (AKA Hudson Valley) with 3 dogs and a toddler.  I bake constantly and have even been to known to cook dinner without help from Stouffer’s or Kraft! People sometimes even pay me to make cupcakes for them under the name Cwupcakes, hence the cwupcake in the url up there.

To add insult to injury, I have also become an obstacle racer. I voluntarily run for distances of 5 kilometers or more in the mud (and/or over walls and/or under barbed wire…) I am a Maniac, a Tough Mudder, a Dirty Girl, a MudMan, a Warrior, and a Spartan.

What the hell happened to me?


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