It’s Mud Season! (plus a giveaway!)

Holy mother of Cheez-Whiz! My OCR season starts in ELEVEN DAYS!! How the hell did that sneak up on me? Oh right, because OCR season starts in the spring and the northeast only just barely broke out of the deep, dark winter.

Now how does one kick off the OCR season? Well, here’s a list of previous season openers:

2011- Rugged Maniac (also my first ever)

2012- Dirty Girl Mud Run

2013- Dirty Girl Mud Run

2014- Tough Mudder

They have all been easy-peasy races. (Yes, TM is considered a fairly easy one, especially when you do it with the idea of just goofing with your friends and having fun.) This year, the mold is being shattered and the season is being started with the brand spankin’ new Spartan Beast event in New Jersey.

Why am I being dumb enough to start with a Beast? Hell, why am I even bothering with this after skipping a Trifecta attempt last year and DNFing in 2013? Because there is finally a non-championship Beast around these parts and I jumped at the opportunity to run a ‘normal’ Beast. And this Tri-State Beast paves the way for a Tri-State Trifecta- how cool is that? Beast in NJ, Super in NJ or PA (I’ll be doing PA), and a Sprint in NY. No condo rentals, no eleventy-million hour drives up to Vermont, no need to find an overnight babysitter. Brilliant! The only way it could be cooler is if there was a special Trifecta medal for it. (Or maybe if one of those races was *free* for you. Keep reading to make that happen.)

The NJ Beast is going to be at the same mountain that hosted the 2 Supers that I did. In my head, I thought, “hmm.. I am familiar with this mountain. It’s not Killington. This should be considerably easier. Fabulous!”

And then spring never came. As of last week, the nice, relatively easy mountain that I remembered from the Supers of yesteryear looked like this:

Posted by Spartan Race in the FB Event page


Okie dokie. Are my OCR shoes rated for snow? I have no bloody clue. Guess I’ll find out. Even if the snow melts, the terrain will be left quite, um.. moist. Oh well. This is a mud run at heart, isn’t it.

Then I read Ordinary Jane’s post about her expectations for this race. Big mistake. Huge. Because now I know that Norm is the course designer. If you hear about a Spartan course that was really, really extra hard, it was probably designed by Norm. He’s the closest thing that Spartans have to the Boogieman.

So now I have zero clue what to expect from the Beast. None at all. The race that I thought would be a slightly bigger and harder (go ahead and giggle) version of the Supers, is now going to be a who-knows-how-long slog of doom through the snow-mud with who-knows-what kind of insane obstacles along the way. Nothing like a little trial by fire to snap me back into OCR life. As Gaston said, “It’s a nightmare but it’s one exciting ride.”

Tell me I’m not the only one who is singing this song in their head whenever they hear about, are approaching, or are in the middle of running in a Beast.

And now for that *giveaway* that you all probably scrolled all the way down here for.

Spartan Race has given me one free entry into any event in the continental U.S. (open heat, non-confirmed start time only) to give to one of my readers. I can’t handle Rafflecopter or anything like that, so I’ll make this super-simple:

Step 1. Comment either here or on the FB post. You now know that this Bogeyman-designed race scares me, so tell me what scares you. Is it a Spartan Race? Spiders? A world without PB&J sandwiches? Dude, that’s too scary. Let’s not think about that.


Share the FB post.

Step 2. There is no Step 2.

I’ll go old school and throw everyone’s name in hat (maybe a Warrior Dash helmet- poor thing needs a purpose in life) and have an unbiased (aka ‘can’t read yet’) 4-year-old pick one out. Sound fair? You’ve got until 7pm ET on Tuesday, April 14 to comment or share.

If you don’t win, you can use the code SPARTANBLOGGER to get 10% off race registration.


7 thoughts on “It’s Mud Season! (plus a giveaway!)

  1. I don’t want to win the race entry but wanted to tell you good luck. Friends of mine are driving out there for the Beast and were posting pics of the snow mountain. I’ll be thinking of you guys slipping and sliding around while I’m toasty warm, dry and clean in my non-OCR races this year.

    1. But think about the poor Tide stockholders who won’t get to go on vacation this year because your clothes were too clean to have to buy that extra bottle of detergent. It will all be your fault. (that should all be typed in Sarcasm font, btw.)
      Thanks 🙂

  2. So I’ve never done any race, not since I was 10 in elementary school of which I did win first place though, so I’m terrified of my first being a spartan race. I should prob attempt a 5k first and make sure I don’t die lol. I’m very competitive, never want help, and want to be as tough as the guys. I’m afraid of attempting this and not finishing, not being able to do a single obstacle, looking like a fool. I want to be able to complete it, in whatever time, without help.

    1. Traci, if you are even half as bad-ass as Jay makes you out to be, you will eat the Spartan Sprint for brunch.
      I couldn’t run a 5K to save my life when I did my first Sprint- ok, I could, but it took me about an hour and I had the ambulance sweeping the course right behind me.
      You got this. And if you don’t, then you suck up your pride and you let the team of Misfits around you help get you over the finish line. It’s what we do. Check out this post for how Jay and I roll as far as teamwork and getting everyone through a Spartan.

  3. What scares me is the complete unknown! My husband and I may be moving to New York City from Florida and it’s a completely different world up there.

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