Run for the Gold 5K Recap

I wasn’t going to register for the Run For the Gold.  I already had a race in March and I’m really trying to not overbook myself this year. One race a month, unless there’s something really special- that’s my new rule.

It was not on a trail. Don’t know what’s up with this.

…but then a friend of mine couldn’t use her bib and gave it to me. I couldn’t let her bib go to waste! The race was stroller friendly, so Jay signed up at packet pick-up.  

There was also a kids’ race. We signed X up on race morning. One big happy running family.


Maybe happy isn’t the word… “Distracting themselves from the cold” might be a better description


To stick with the St. Patrick’s Day theme of the race, the kiddo ate a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast. I wore a silly shamrock headband and some spiffy shamrocks and beer socks.


$1 at Target. Could I say no?


There was ample,muddy parking throughout the village of Montgomery. The Start line was in front of Village Hall.IMG_1908Sadly, the MC was set up behind all the racers, so it was really hard to get everyone’s attention and really hard to hear what was going on. Had I been able to hear, I may have understood that the kids’ race that X was soooo excited to do (he got to wear his Spiderman Under Armour, after all) was to start immediately after the 5K started- not immediately after the 5K.  More on that later.

The course was great. It was all through residential streets that were blocked off to traffic. At one point, there was a bagpipe player. Spiffy! There was one water station that you hit twice and a random guy in a kilt handing out cans of Budweiser to anyone willing to take a can of beer from a random guy in a kilt at 10am, aka: my husband.

Jay pushed the stroller over the finish line in about 28 minutes and I came in at 32:00. Not bad considering my legs had been acting wonky for a couple of weeks- I actually had to chop a treadmill run in half because of what I hope is only shin splints.

Then came the poopy part. (No, not actual poop, thankfully.) This was when I went in search of someone in charge to find out when the kids’ race was to start. I found the RD and she looked at me like I was an idiot saying that the race started 5 minutes after the 5K kicked off. Well, that sucked.

I looked back in the race email and it does, in fact, say that the kids’ race was to start right after the 5K started, but isn’t that kind of silly? What if the parents are running, too? And even if both parents aren’t running, the running parent would have to choose between their own run and watching their little Meb Keflezighi cross triumphantly over the mini-finish line. Not cool.

Instead of running with all the other kids, X got to run back to the car- probably about a sixth of a mile. He had fun running in the middle of the street (safely closed off) and was really proud of himself even though it wasn’t a sanctioned event.

I still have leftover virtual run medals, so he got a Yorkie Doodle Dandy medal for his efforts. And a banana. Big deals to a 4 year old. He can’t wait to do it again so we signed him (and us) up for another race in April- the Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo!