Maybrook Autumn Classic 5K

Last Back-in-Time post. I promise.

October 25. The Maybrook Autumn Classic 5K. I looked forward to this race because I PRd it last year. I hadn’t been able to replicate that 5K time since then, but I was hopeful that whatever home-turf advantage may have helped the first time would help me out.

And then the slump hit. I didn’t run that entire week between the marathon relay and this little 5K. This did not bode well for me, but I strapped on my shoes and headed the whole mile and half down the road to the starting line of the local-est of the local races.

Maybrook is small. Like 2 miles across and about 3000 people -most of whom live in a senior housing complex- small. You pretty much can’t help but know ALL the other runners. The kid who lives on the next block, the guy in the sweat suit in August, the chick with the dog, the blonde chick, the military guy, the blonde sisters who look like twins but aren’t, the guy who walks.  Yep, that’s about it. But I actually met a new runner at this 5K. I don’t think I had ever seen her running before because she runs early in the AM when I’m hoping to get 9 more minutes of sleep before schlepping to work, but she had seen me during my after work runs. My mom (the race director) introduced us because she is a runner and I am a runner and she lost a friend to pancreatic cancer and I’m hosting a virtual run fundraiser against pancreatic cancer. [Click here if you want to run or walk my virtual run]

Anywho, new running friend totally smoked me at the race. So did my husband and the 13-year-old that went with us. Sigh.

But do you know who didn’t smoke me? Anyone who finished the race in over 30 minutes because I finally got that elusive sub-30 minute time again AND beat my personal best! Yahoo!!!!!

Official time 29:47

Official time was 29:47

I love running this 5K. Not only because I seem to perform my absolute best at it, but because it really is a friendly race. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other events, but it does have:

  • The Mayor thanking you for showing up to support the Village’s parks (the beneficiary of our registration fees) and passing out the awards after the race.
  • Maybrook Girl Scouts handing out water on the course.
  • Lots of local sponsors giving you that warm, fuzzy, small town feeling. Mr. Jardine from Johnston’s Toyota is always there blasting some kind of music out of his car near the finish line.
  • A new t-shirt color every year

    3 year in tees. I had a red one at one point, too.


  • Free breakfast after the race provided by the entirely volunteer Maybrook Fire Department. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast. They know the way to runners’ hearts.

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