In a Slump

I’m not dead!! Just in a bit of a slump. I’ve barely run, worked out, or cooked anything half decent since my last post about skipping the Diva Dash.

Here’s a rundown of my activity (other than work/sleep/repeat) since my last post:

October 11 – 5K training run

October 12 – For Paws 5K

October 14 – Shitty run at work

October 19 – Hambletonian Marathon Relay

October 25 – Maybrook Autumn Classic 5K

Novermber 1 – Baked brownies for a bake sale

That was the extent of my blog-related activity. Some of those will actually get posts about them in the coming days.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to do anything. I just kind of felt like the universe was conspiring against me and I just didn’t feel like arguing with it. The universe’s plot consisted of a few tactics.

The whole getting dark earlier thing made it difficult to get in runs after work, while ridiculous amounts of HOLY CRAP THESE ARE SUPER PRIORITY projects at work has kept me from running during daylight hours. Daylight savings has now only added to the problem.

My husband started a new job that has him working late a lot more often, leaving me to pick up X from day care and eliminating my ability to go to the gym or run as soon as I get home. “Throw him in the jogger,” you say? He won’t sit still in it for me anymore! He gets up, turns around, does the hokey-pokey, and doesn’t shut the f*** up the entire time he’s in there. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is answer “Why is it Fall?” “Where is the moon?” “Why is the moon out?” “Tomorrow when you pick me up from school, what’s for dinner?” “When’s daddy coming home?” “Is it Halloween?” “Can I watch Jack” “Can we go home now?” every 12.5 seconds for 3.1 miles all while trying to keep the stroller from flipping over into Route 208 thanks to his flailing?

A baby shower, birthday parties, Halloween stuff, and Ladies Auxiliary stuff took up other free time. Oh, and there were doctor’s appointments and tick-related emergencies in there, too. Fun.

To make the slump slumpier, a sore throat hit me out of nowhere last Monday. Seriously. I was fine, fine, fine. Ate lunch. Turned around in my chair to throw out my napkin. Turned back to my computer. BAM- couldn’t swallow without feeling like Darth Vader was hiding behind the copy machine choking me with the Force. Even with taking all the zinc tablets and Emergen-C I could safely consume, by Friday night my nose was congested. Saturday night, my nose was running while somehow still congested (how does that one work, NIH?) and by Sunday afternoon, the most I could manage to do without getting dizzy was sit on the couch watching “Property Brothers.” Sunday night I was a ball of snot and joint aches. I stayed home from work Monday and, no longer having the capacity for the budget math on “Property Brothers”, resorted to binge-watching a season of the complete trainwreck that is “The Mindy Project.”

Does this count as training?


Exercise while sick is pretty much out of the question for me. I may try to hit a Body Pump class tonight to get back into the swing of things, but my respiratory system still feels like it’s filled with runny oatmeal right now and I sound like a 3-pack-a-day smoker. This cold/flu/whatever needs to hit the road ASAP. I’ve got a half marathon in December that I thought I would have a really good shot at finally getting an official time under 2:30. I will not do well at all if I can’t get some miles back under my belt.

Anyone have any old-fashioned cold remedies they can recommend?

Or maybe something to help dig out of a slump?



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