So NOT a Diva

Many moons ago, I signed up to the Shape Diva Dash obstacle run. It was supposed to be a silly little race to run with my muddy bestie, Allison. Then she was offered a fabulous job in the middle of nowhere (also known as anywhere that isn’t New York) and she had to back out of the run. Sadness.
I could totally run it on my own though, and my hubby and son could be waiting for me at the finish line.

Today is race day. It is raining. This means no hubby and son to cheer me on. Bummer.

I popped on the the Diva Dash Facebook page to see if it’s still going to happen. I don’t know if Divas run in the rain. They aren’t Mudders and have no inclination to Spartan the Fuck Up, so it could have been cancelled or postponed. No cancellation notice, but I did see a post from Diva Dash saying that the Tuxedo Diva Dash is going to be the hardest terrain that they have ever set up. Cool. Not to sound like an elitist or something but I was seriously afraid that this run was going to be way too easy. Aaaaaand then I saw a comment on that post. It was Diva Dash saying that because the terrain would be difficult, they’d be cutting the distance. What?! It’s only a 5K! How much distance can they cut? And with only 10-12 obstacles to start with, what can I really expect?

In my head, I picture the morning going like this:
Drive 40+ minutes to get to Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center. Feel really uncomfortable in a sea of Girly Girl Power. Sneak into the first possible wave because it’s cold and raining and there’s no cover anywhere over there. Run for about 25 minutes amidst women dressed in tiaras, boas, and tutus who aren’t necessarily mud or obstacle runners. Get my free glass of wine. Drive 40 minutes home. Still have to get in another mile or so of running, because my training plan calls for a 5K today.

I am in no way excited about this run. I am not looking forward to running by myself, because, well, these things are meant to have fun with friends. I am in no way excited about running in the cold rain one week prior to my marathon relay- I’m already sniffly, do I really need a cold when 2 other runners depend on me?

Nope. No I don’t. My heart isn’t in this run and I try not to go places where my internal organs aren’t going to be in attendance. I’m going to watch Batman with my kid, meet my home-from-college sis and family for breakfast, and then go to a super-cool Wall-E birthday party for a quirky little 2 year old. Sounds like a much better time to me.