Wonder Mom Wednesday Link Up: Reasons why I (sorta) exercise

One of the blogs that I follow, This Mama Runs for Cupcakes, has teamed up with Mom Who Tris and Mom Swim Bike Run to host a blog link-up called Wonder Mom Wednesday. They invited anyone to link up. I figured, “Why not?”

This week’s topic: Reasons WHY I exercise

This week’s topic seemed to fit with something my parents were saying over the weekend. They were mentioning how it used to be that they couldn’t get me to go outside and now I’m out there all the time running. I think this conversation occurred after my dad pointed out that the hotel we were staying at had a treadmill and I poo-pooed the idea of running on that vile thing if I didn’t have to (and anyway I had already rearranged my run plan for the week so that I had gotten my long run in the day before and didn’t have to run again until I was back at home.)

So why, after 20+ years of being a devout couch-potato (minus 2 years of being a soccer bench-warmer in junior high), did I start exercising?

Well, there was this guy…

No, seriously! Jay and I met at work way back when and there was a gym a block away from the lab. He was all into fitness and wanted to train me. When a built, blue-eyed scientist says, “hey, you wanna come work out with me?”,  you say YES.

It’s just one of those easy answers.

So I became a sorta gym rat for a while, but after changing jobs and moving, the whole “working out” thing wasn’t working out. I was in an on-again/off-again relationship with the gym, Les Mills classes, and Muay Thai classes for a few years. Then I went on meds that made me bruise at the drop of a hat and pulled back from the martial arts for fear of turning into a giant hematoma. After the meds, I wound up getting pregnant. I could have been that bitch who hits the gym right up until her water breaks- but I wasn’t. Adios gym membership!

Then I was 28 and holding on to pounds that needed to get the heck off my belly. I became involved in mud runs and OCRs because they looked fun and I could be sorta exercising but not really since obviously the gym can’t hold my attention. And it all just escalated from there. I needed to hit the gym more often so that carrying that sandbag up the mountain wouldn’t be so bad. So I did. Then I had to start running because there are only so many times you can be at the bottom of the race results list and not start feeling like a lump. (I’ve moved my way up to the top half of the list!)

So now I’m nearly 32 and I’m still keeping up with the running thing. The gym I’m hit or miss on. Time and trying to balance my running, Jay’s tri training, and being a mom keeps screwing with my ability to make it to my  BodyPump or BodyCombat classes (which are the only way that the gym is bearable for me.) I keep it up because:

  1. I’m a medal-whore. I adore that if there was an earthquake in the Hudson Valley, my house would jingle like Santa Claus was coming to town.

    Can’t wait to make 2014’s display!

  2. I like to eat bad food. Cupcakes, cheeseburger, cookies, greasy fried things with cheese… If I were to stop running/exercising, I’d probably pack on 30lbs within a month.

    Why doesn’t this come as a running tank and why don’t I own it?

  3. I like to drink. As a good Italian (and someone who has to fight traffic 2.5 hours each day), a glass of wine a night is pretty much mandatory. Those 200 calories have to go somewhere other than my already large thighs.
  4. I don’t want my kid to be fat. There are too many reasons why X could end up chubby- less recess/PE when he goes to school, video games and computer stuff making him sedentary, the fact that we stop for McDonalds way more often then we should. I want to set an example of activity for him. If mommy and daddy run, maybe he’ll want to (and he does!)
  5. I don’t want to be zombie-chow. Sure, actual brain-eating zombies may not ever actually be chasing me down, but you never know. This Girl Scout sticks by the “Be Prepared” motto.
  6. I don’t want to live with or die because of chronic/debilitating health issues. Diabetes is in my family. Heart issues are in my family. Stroke is in my family. I’ll do what I can to keep those things from happening to me ( and if I can do it without sacrificing the cheeseburgers, all the better 🙂 )

So there’s the how and why I wake up early and go for 9.82 mile run before sitting in the car for 5 hours all so that I won’t have to run on a hotel treadmill.

Don’t forget to head over to the hosts’ blogs and check out the other linked up blogs!


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