A Vacation in Numbers

8 – Hours spent traveling to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

35 – Minutes spent traveling, during which X slept.

9,862,367,251 – Number of times X asked a question (Are we going to Buela’s house, to the beach, to see Mema and Pop-Pop, for more Twizzlers….. )

4 – Miles from rental house at which X decided he needed to go “pee potty.”

7 – Days spent at the rental house

By the end of the week the pool deck was coated with X’s beach toys, Jay’s tri training gear, and Uncle Nicky’s WOD gear.

12 – Family members residing in the rental house -Grandma, Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Sister, 3 Cousins, Jay, X, and me,- sharing oxygen and candy and rum. Like the Real World, but stranger.

4 – Friends that we met up with while in DE. One couple lives in DE so we never get to see them and will probably see them even less seeing as they are expecting a BABY in, like, a week. Another couple happened to be vacationing with his family at the same time. Good times!

1 – Unexpected run-in with my freshman year RA- and it just so happened to occur while with my friend (from college) who also had been an RA. Weird.

2 – Boardwalks visited- a couple of visits to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk and one night down at Ocean City.

1 – Gigantic stuffed frog won by my cousin on a boardwalk game. Guess what spoiled preschooler went home with it? You guessed it! The one that already has an entire San Diego Zoo worth of plush animals inhabiting his bed!

Now that frog shares space with Pigeon, Piggie, Gerald, Knufflebunny, Duckie, and Tiger.

6 – Days spent searching for the damned DVD player in the fancy-pants house of fancy-pantsness. I found it on the last day.  In the laundry room. WTF?

2.99 – Dollars spent renting the Incredibles via Amazon Instant Video on my KindleFire because X found the DVD collection (but not the DVD player) and NEEEEEEDED to watch “Mr. Uhcreble.”

13.3 – Miles I manged to run while on vacation. Couldn’t let my half marathon training go down the toilet. Surftown is in less than a month!

5 – Hours between leaving the rental house and when we NEEDED to pick up the dogs from the kennel Luxury Pet Resort.

On a Saturday. On the NJ Turnpike. Fat chance of that working out. Thankfully, I bought another hour of time when the groomer called to see if I wanted Brutus’ hair cut.

3 – Times X threw up in the car on the way home. We didn’t feed him anything so what exactly he threw up, I can’t be sure. I know there was a Flintstone vitamin in there because of the tell-tale magenta coloration that doesn’t come from foodstuffs.

2 – Times we stopped to clean X up. The 3rd time he puked I handed him a towel and told him to deal because we had to get home or I was shelling out another $100+ to the kennel for another day. Horrible parent, I know.

0 – Times I ate funnel cake, deep fried oreos, ice cream, or any of that other stuff that would ordinarily be a diet breaker on vacation. Let’s just not discuss all the Mali-dews, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and M&Ms I ate. Oh, and since I shared the tub o’ Thrashers french fries, they don’t count either.


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