FoodDay Friday – Nutella Brownies

Certain readers, who shall remain nameless have informed me that my blog has become a little Dirt heavy and can use a little more Frosting. If you feel the same as Nameless Jay, I’m sorry. Sometimes the Dirt just gets to happen a little more often than the Frosting, and thus the imbalance occurs in blog material.
Honestly, between my own training for the upcoming Surftown Half Marathon, allowing Jay the time for his triathlon training, and trying to be SuperMom, baking has taken a way backseat. Like, it’s so far in the backseat that it’s sitting in the trunk of the old, wood-paneled, family station wagon with no seatbelt. Because, seriously, if I skip a run or two, my weekly mileage drops and then when I return to 10-15 miles a week, bones get pissed and I get hurt. When I skip baking, I don’t eat 500 extra calories. So which would you opt to drop if you were trying to lose 10 pounds and cut 12 minutes off your half marathon time?

So today, I baked. I baked in a completely not-mine kitchen. It complicated things. I had no baking soda or my favorite cinnamon. My Kitchen-Aid is in a different state and I have none of my own pans, spatulas, or Nigella Lawson measuring cups. This is a horror of horrors to a baker. I’m pretty sure I’ve had nightmares like this.
What I did have, was state-of-the-art appliances in the kitchen of a million+ dollar vacation home in Rehoboth Beach (I’m not loaded- my Grandma rented it for the family to share for the week.)
Since the fancy kitchen does not come pre-loaded with all those baking staples that you need only 1 or 2 tsp of, I tried to find a recipe that did not require any of that stuff. Added challenge? My Aunt suffers from Celiac Disease and I wanted her to actually be able to eat what I make.
My Grandmother had just finished making these super delicious peanut butter cookies that consisted of nothing but 1cup each PB and sugar, and an egg. Easy peasy. If I could find something like that, I’d be golden. I hit my Pinterest Board and found 2 ingredient Nutella Brownies from The Kitchen. Nutella and eggs would allegedly create brownies.
Witchcraft? Maybe. But I needed to find out, because my Grandma asked me for the recipe, so now it better effing work or I’ll be in trouble with an old Italian woman from the Bronx with probable mafia connections. Failed brownies could lead to a long walk on a short pier with a brand new pair of cement booties.
I whipped the hell out of the eggs using the fanciest stand mixer I’ve ever seen in my life.

I mean look at that thing. All digital and light up and pretty. I just checked the MSRP and it’s a $450 mixer. Any readers out there have some extra monies to help me retire my KitchenAid and get this bad boy?
I digress. After making the eggs all fluffy I slowly added in some softened Nutella (a trip in the microwave loosened it up.) And that was it as far as the brownie batter had to go. I poured it into a square pan lined with parchment paper and non-stick cooking spray- the latter 2 being worthy expenses. Into the high end GE Monogram oven for 25 minutes.

All done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Barely anything to clean and very little to put away. This is my kind of baking these days.
The brownies were supposed to be for dessert, but I made the mistake of plating them and putting them on the counter next to Grandma’s PB cookies and Ricotta cookies.

My baby (actually 18 and heading to college next weekend) cousin snatched one up and gave the final verdict on the brownies- “These are GOOD.”
I hope Grandma (who’s actually waiting until after dinner) enjoys them to. I really don’t want to have to sleep with the fishes.


4 thoughts on “FoodDay Friday – Nutella Brownies

    1. I didn’t realize you were doing that one, either. It would be so cool to see you in real life! This will be my third half marathon. I’m hoping for good weather and a flat course, so I could do better than in the heat of Disney or the hills of Sleepy Hollow. 🙂

    1. He complains that I don’t make enough cupcakes, and then complains that there are cupcakes in the house derailing his male “I just cut out a beer and dropped 15 pounds” weight loss. His anonymity is not my chief priority.

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