Birds, Burns, and Other Stuff

Ah, Vacation. A time to sleep late, eat like crap, and relax. It’s 6:22am on the 2nd morning of a week at a gorgeous vacation house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I have been awake for at least 45 minutes. Poo.

So here I am, ready to regale you with the wonderful things I’ve learned since leaving the house for this week of relaxation with the family.

(also, please excuse any wacky formatting going on here. This is my first time posting from my iPad and I’m still learning)

1. Jay and I have become “Pet Parents.”
I hate when people refer to pets as their kids and when the groomer or vet’s office calls me Brutus’ Mommy. It’s ridiculous. Brutus is a dog. But after dropping the boys off at the Pet n Play Resort for the week, it felt like there was a hole in the family. We’ve dropped the dogs at kennels before, but it’s never felt this wrong.


2. My stomach does not like eating like crap
During the ride down from NY to DE: IHOP for breakfast, just an iced latte for lunch, greasy Chinese food for dinner. I felt like someone replaced my stomach and intestines with a pissed off boa constrictor.

3. You can walk a parrot.
On the Junction and Breakwater Trail yesterday, I saw a woman walking with a huge parrot. It was sitting on her arm, but she had a leash on it. Weird. I wanted to stop her to ask if she had to clean up the bird’s poo, like with a dog. I didn’t. Massive regrets.

4. I now get to suffer from “chub rub”
I must be running faster or my thighs must be changing shape, because for the first time ever, I’ve got an icky splotch of abraded skin on the inside of my left thigh. IMG_0002.JPGIt hurts like hell. I’ll need to go find some anti-chafe stuff before my next long run.

5. A sub-2:30 Half Marathon time might be in store for me.
The parrot- and friction-filled 8 mile run yesterday was in some gnarly humidity and really felt like ass during it, but I still kept my average pace at below 11min/mile.

IMG_0001.JPGAnd that even included time spent walking before finding the entrance to the trail- thanks MapMyRun, for still not functioning.

6. Cards Against Humanity is fine family fun.
Seriously. Having your 83 year old grandmother talking about Toni Morrison’s nether regions or Pac-Man guzzling bodily fluids found in rape kits (I’m trying to stay PG here, people) is hilarious.


3 thoughts on “Birds, Burns, and Other Stuff

  1. Firstly, Cards is a great game. The fact that you got your grandmother to play it is even more epic!

    Secondly, compression shorts. If I didn’t wear them (believe me, nothing tight on me is pretty) my thighs would permanently look like that. I do use Body Glide under my bra though and it’s a godsend. Try some A&D ointment on that business. Helps heal it up quick.

    Lastly, I can’t remember if I wrote it on my blog or not, but on one of my weeknight runs a couple of weeks ago, there was a dude out “walking” his cockatoo or whatever the hell bird it was. It was probably as big as his arm, big white bird that made a mohawk with his head feathers – just chilling on the guy’s arm as he walked along. No leash or anything! LOL

    1. OMG what is with the BIRDS!?!?!? Lol.
      I do wear compression shorts because regular running shorts definitely rub me the wrong way. I’ll head out for the A&D and hope that I can find Body Glide somewhere around here.

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