FoodDay Friday – Smoothies!

Me and Breakfast aren’t the best of friends. I’m a fan of Elevensies and even a snack around Second Breakfast time, but waking up and eating food? Not so much. I need to wait an hour or two at least. I know it’s not great for the metabolism, but even a granola bar within the first hour of waking up makes me want to blow chunks sometimes.

To add extra meh-ness toward breakfast, I’m not a giant fan a breakfast foods in general. Pancakes are great once in blue moon. I will crave eggs every once in while, but most of the time I’m neither here nor there about them. Oatmeal I can only have on a cold winter’s morn. I do enjoy cereal, but who on Earth is satiated by a serving of Special K? Only the chick in the commercial- and I’m pretty sure she’s swinging into Dunkin’ for a box of Munchkins as soon as she’s done filming. Greek yogurt and granola was working for me for a little while, but I’m really partial to NatureBox granola and I only get so much of that in a teeny tiny package once a month, so within a week I run out and either skip the yogurt entirely or am stuck with whatever nowhere-near-as-nummy granola I can find in ShopRite. Sadness.

My latest foray into finding a breakfast item I can stand every morning, is the Smoothie. I’ve been blending so many smoothies that I actually killed a blender. It bled out and died right on my counter. Seriously. One day I’m blending up some bananas and spinach and whatever happened to be in my fridge, and my fancy pants professional quality KitchenAid started leaking fruity goo all over the place. The doohickey that holds the blades into the bottom got loose. I made Jay tighten it because I was 90% sure I’d hack a finger off if I tried, and went upon my merry way. Then the next time I made a smoothie, it did it again. Then again. Then I saw a sale at Kohl’s and decided, “Screw this shit. I’m buying a Ninja!”

I think this is the one I have. I dunno. It says Ninja on it. It has cups to go with it.

And I did. And it was good.

And I’ve been making smoothies for Jay and I every night, to have for breakfast in the morning. (Nope. Don’t make one for the kiddo. He’s a buttmonkey and won’t even try a smoothie even if it smells like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.)

My trips to Adams for produce are now almost always immediately followed by a mad dash to wash, bag, and freeze fruits and veggies for use in future smoothies. I learned very quickly that, although I have every intention of including spinach in every smoothie and therefor the big bag of spinach is exactly what I need, I will not use up all that spinach. It will become a bag of shriveled leaves in a pool of brownish water sitting in the refrigerator. Same applies to avocados, bananas, and pretty much any other fresh plant. So if you are new to the smoothie thing, learn from my bag of shriveled leaves and freeze your fixins.

What do I put in my smoothies? I have an entire Pinterest board of Smoothies. I could say that I follow all of these recipes precisely, but I’d be lying and that’s not nice. Instead, I’ll say that I use these as guidelines. More typically, my modus operandi is to see what produce looks good and go from there.  So check out that Pinterest board if you want. If not, here’s some of my favorites (click to see the recipes):

Smoothies are not a very photogenic food, but here are a couple other ones that I’ve made:

photo 1

Cantaloupe, Mango, and Carrot Juice

photo 3

Strawberries, Beets, and Mint


And for the record: today, the day that I knew I was going to write a post about smoothies, I totally forgot to make a smoothie for myself for breakfast. I ate a gnarly sausage, egg, and cheese from the cafeteria. That’s kind of the same thing, right?

Let me know your favorite smoothie recipes!

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