Brotherhood Vintage Group Run Recap

As mentioned in a previous post, the Brotherhood Vintage Run that I was so looking forward to was sadly cancelled. Jay and I had planned to run the course anyway and stop for some vino at the end, because why not? We mentioned this to the Seven Five O race director and if you follow Dirt&Frosting on Facebook, you know what happened next.

New Picture (5)

Can’t get this to de-blur, but it basically says, “Let’s run anyway”

I guess you really can’t stop a bunch of wine drinkers with running problems, because they apparently did this before at another venue that had to be cancelled.

We all met up at the winery at around 10:30am. There were maps of the route that had been planned. I declined a map because I had already imported it from MapMyRun onto my phone. I also sent it to Jay’s phone and his cousin’s phone. Christina (the cousin who decided to miss her first 5K and do a 10K instead) had come up to visit for the weekend and run with us!

We kicked off the run and I hit START on my pretty new route map on MapMyRun. I don’t usually use MapMyRun, but I knew something was up when I started it up- the GPS somehow got disabled. Mr. Smartphone is not so smart when it has no bloody clue where it is. My only option now was to keep up with the other runners- not something I’m typically up to doing. I have to run and walk- especially on humid days like this one was. I’d have to try though, or I’d be lost in Washingtonville and without any wine. Another technology fail: instead of shuffling all my music, it insisted on playing only the Original Cast Recording of Once the Musical. Great show. Great music. Not the best 5K playlist.

And so I ran with the group of spectacular runners. Was it a giant flash mob of runners covering Washingtonville?


Not quite.

There were about 10 of us (plus one very happy dog) running the quiet streets. We got some looks from passersby that were probably wondering why there were so many random runners. I had never run in a group outside of a race situation, so this was a new and very cool experience for me.

I was very proud of myself that I was able keep up with these new running friends for about halfof the 5K distance.  I even kept powering on when  Jay (who was ahead of everybody with X in the jogger) missed the turn and the dudes ran to get them while the girls continued on our merry (correct) way. It wasn’t until we got to the hill at about 1.5miles that I had to slow myself down. The sun had come out and the humidity started to take its toll on my respiratory system.  While resting, I took a picture of our only spectator.

There was another deer, but she bolted across the road between runners.

There was another deer, too, but she bolted across the road between runners.

I ran/walked the rest of the way, but keeping the rest of the group in my sight the whole time.

I think I finished in about 30:16. I’m not sure because 1) my phone locked so I couldn’t immediately hit stop on the app, and 2) even when I did manage to his stop, it kept going anyway. 30:16 was the first time that I remember seeing, so I’ll go with it. Added bonus: for the first time ever I BEAT JAY to the finish line. Hip hip hooray!! OK so maybe it’s because he missed the turn and added an extra chunk of mileage, but whatever. Let me have my moment, dammit!

After the race, we cooled down a bit and then hit the winery. Brotherhood had tables and chairs set up outside and we set up shop. They allowed for some speakers to be set up to play music until their scheduled live musician came. We had fresh fruit and I made some more of those zucchini  brownies to share (I still have half of a giant zucchini to kill off, by the way- any suggestions?) We sat and recovered and drank wine and talked about everything from past and future races to past-life regression. It was really great. I think I almost like it better than an actual race. I do much better in small groups than in larger ones. I was able to talk to people instead of my usual tendency to run away at the end of a race because there are just too many people and my little introvert head explodes.

Hyperbole and a Half seemingly has been inside my brain and took notes.

A successful non-event event in my book.

I’m looking forward to many more Vintage Runs in the future.


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