FoodDay Friday – Holy Zukes!

When my husband said that his friend had some fresh herbs and veggies from their garden for us, I was expected a couple of handfuls of lettuces, a few herbs, and a couple of zucchini. What I got was a giant bagful of lettuces, radish beans?, a bunch of herbs, and zucchini that must have been grown in a garden just outside of Chernobyl.

Banana included for scale.

Needless to say- we’ve been eating zucchini in everything. Jay hid zucchini in mini turkey meatloaves. We faked X out using zucchini to make homemade faux tater tots from Skinnytaste. We contemplated making zucchini chips, but since neither of us like to play with our mandolin, we opted out of that.

As the pièce de résistance, I thought I’d throw together some of those zucchini brownies that I knew for sure I had pinned at some point. After searching through my pins, I realized that I never actually pinned anything of the sort and must have made that up in my head. To prove I wasn’t insane, I Googled around and found Food + Word’s Chocolate Chip Zucchini Brownies and then promptly pinned the shit out of it.

This is what they look like when Food + Words makes them.

I grabbed my old trusty box grater and turned one of those ginormous zukes into this:


Just over 2 cups of grated zucchini.

Brutus was really interested in what I was doing with that funny looking green thing.

If I look cute enough, can I has some?

If I look cute enough, can I has some?

I tossed him some shreds and he stared at them on the floor wondering why they didn’t smell like jerky.

I continued to prepare the recipe, which was pretty easy peasy. In true Dirt & Frosting fashion, I did have to swap out some stuff: whole wheat AP flour instead of pastry flour, apple-pear sauce because it’s what I had, and I used dark cocoa. I may have been coerced to the dark side by the band-aid I was sporting due to an unfortunate incident with a super sharp knife and a super solid zucchini.


Oh Ani. Maybe if people didn’t call you a girl’s name, you wouldn’t have all these problems.

Mix. Mix. Mix. Pour into prepared 9×9 inch pan because of course I buy the size pan that no one ever asks for in a recipe ever and I’m too damned cheap to buy a second square pan. Turn around to put the pan in the oven and see this:


If I wag my tail the other way, can I help?

Oh Brutus. I’m always paranoid that the tiny-inbred-brained one is just going to jump into the oven one day trying to chase down the food I’m putting in there.

40 minutes (and no braised puppy dog) later, brownies were done and ready to cool. They had really puffed up a lot in the oven and I was really anticipated it falling as it cooled. After all, I had put it in a bigger pan than called for. While they are cooling, I put my ingredients away. At the pantry shelves, I’m greeted with Beowulf, proudly giving me the look of “I stayed out your way while you were in the kitchen. I can have a cookie now, right?”


I’m the Good Boy!

I swear those two can be worse than the kiddo, sometimes, when it comes to trying to “help” in the kitchen.

Anyway, no deflation of the puffed up brownies occurred. I guess when you use giant radioactive Hulk zucchini in brownies, you get giant brownies? Is that how baking with mutants works?


What they look like when I make them (and take a crappy iPhone photo)

I wish I had included some kind of scale reference in the photo, because these things were thick- probably a good 1.5 inches of moist, delicious, don’t-taste-like-there’s-veggie in there brownie. The zucchini gave a crazy awesome moisture that made you feel like you were eating magic unbaked brownie batter that stayed solid so you could eat it without a spoon or crazy looks from people judging you for your salmonella-eating ways. Even the kiddo ate most of his brownie- they were too big for his little face-hole- which equated to a big chunk of that zucchini. That was probably the most vegetable he’s eaten in one sitting since he still ate food out of the Baby Bullet.

I give this recipe 2 gigantic Hulk thumbs up.

Oh, and the dogs didn’t get any brownies because, duh, it would kill them with all that chocolate!!! They got some Greenies instead. Kinda the same, but not really.


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