Lord of the Bling Virtual 10K

As you may or probably not have noticed, I haven’t run a single real race for the ENTIRE month of July.

January 1
February 2
March 1
April 2
May 3
June 3
July 0

Weird, right?

I did do 2 virtual races, though. On July 4, I ran my own Yorkie Doodle Dandy virtual with my little doxie, Brutus. And yesterday, I ran the Lord of the Bling Virtual 10k. (Did you know that spell check doesn’t recognize “bling” as a word, yet? Get on that, tech industries.)

The Lord of the Bling Virtual 10K is part II of Nerd Herd Running’s 2nd Annual Virtual Race Series. The first part, Revenge of the Fifth, was a Star Wars themed 5K scheduled for the week of May 5th, right after “May the Fourth Be With You” Star Wars Day. I ran this on the 6th because I guess I’m a rebel. Part III will be my favorite one of the series. It is Hunger Games themed, and I am slightly ashamed to admit that I am a total Hunger Games fangirl. (And, in true nerd fashion, I’m a fangirl for the books and not so much the movies. They really need to kick it up a notch for Mocking Jay I & II or I’m gonna be really ticked.)

I received my Lord of the Bling race bib via email at the beginning of July.

LOTB  bibI’m kinda wishy-washy about wearing race bibs for virtual runs, which I guess is why I haven’t  bothered to make any for the ones that I am hosting. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I really can’t be bothered to print it out and find my baggie o’ safety pins in the bowels of my race bag. I didn’t wear this bib for my 10K, which, as it will turn out, was probably a good thing.

Like a good little Hobbit, I made sure to eat a meal before heading out. (In case you haven’t noticed, this run is Lord of the Rings themed) First Breakfast consisted of a Chocolate Honey Stinger Waffle. Having no Elven bread to pack for my journey, I settled for a package of Supercandy Gummies, which are pretty similar to the Elvish staple in that I’ve noticed that they last for-ev-er. I had a trial package from last September that was still good, even after being packed into a Camelbak and coated in mud and dropped off of cliffs… You get the picture.

I set out feeling great. It wasn’t too hot or humid in my little part of the Shire just yet. I was using a new run/walk interval for this run. Previously, I ran using a 3 minute run/1 minute walk interval. I switched it up to 1:30/:30 for this run to see what would happen. My pace definitely improved with this tactic and I felt like I was running with all the speed and grace of Legolas running up the oliphaunts . I probably looked more like Gimli.

Everything was going just beautifully until I reached Tower (coincidence?) Avenue in my village . The skies grew dark as if I was approaching Mordor. Then it started to drizzle. No biggie. I can deal with that. Then it started to pour buckets. Then drizzle again, then pour, then stop, then drizzle, then pour…… for most of the rest of my run. Goodie. I told myself I’d keep going until lightning started to strike or my iPhone fizzled out from being wet. Neither happened.

I ran out for approximately 4 miles, winding through the streets, and then started to head straight back. When I got back onto Tower Ave, I got to experience my own “You Shall Not Pass” moment.

gandalfI’m running along, minding my own and  business and a brown and white pit bull calmly walks out from behind a house and just stood in the middle of the sidewalk I was on. She just stared at me. I’m not afraid of pits in the least, but I am also not stupid, so I slowed down and approached cautiously. I didn’t want to just bolt to the other side of the street because I a) didn’t want her to think I had a reason to run and try to catch me and attack, and b) didn’t want her to bolt after me and get hit by a car or something. She stood her ground and I tried to read her posture. Then she pounced.

Not her, but she looked like this.

And like every pit bull I’ve met so far, she attacked me with kisses- licking my face and trying to jump into my arms. Her owner apologized for her behavior and I helped him corral her back into the house. Gandalf the Gray she was not.

I finished in 1:04:16, 3 minutes and 32 seconds faster than my last 10K run! There’s something to this Galloway method and walking more often during a run.

I made it back home before 8 am and Second Breakfast- a peanut butter sandwich- before getting on with the dealings of the day.

(For the record, Elevensies was a Crunchwrap Supreme at taco bell, Luncheon was zucchini brownie batter, Afternoon Tea was a Seagram’s Escape, Dinner was a chicken wrap, and Supper was my kid’s leftover french fries and part of a chocolate bar. Healthy eating went completely out the window.)


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