FoodDay Friday – Quinoa Yummies

I’ve fallen so far behind in FoodDay Friday posts. Why is it that all hell breaks loose on Fridays and can never get these done? Friday afternoons are for slacking off and writing blog posts while I should be getting things ready at work for Monday morning, not running around the lab trying to figure out why nothing works or my robots are rebelling.

While my robot minions are behaving for the time-being, I will try to get a couple of our dinnertime Pin-Tests documented.

Both of these pins involve quinoa. For those who’ve been living under a rock with no exposure to insane health-crazed media, quinoa is one of the current superfoods. It is a seed that can be treated kind of like rice in cooking, but being a seed, it is chock full of protein and other nutrients that you don’t get from most other grains. Quinoa has been a success in our house because X will (usually) scarf it down like nobody’s business- as long as you don’t call it quinoa. Tell him we are having quinoa for dinner and you will get his patented “I don’t like ____” whine. Present him a bowl full of quinoa and tell him to eat up his “rice” and you get his super adorable “____ is yummy in my tummy!” typically reserved for chocolate frosting and chicken nuggets shaped like Monsters Inc characters.

Sadly, neither of these two recipes cut the mustard with him. Too many vegetables. Screw him, though. Two grown-ups live the in the house, too, and can’t be confined to hidden, pureed veggies.

The first pin came from Cooking with Cakes. This blogger’s nickname is Cakes but the blog has nothing to do with cakes, but has everything to do with tasty looking stuff. Her recipe for Cheesy Greek-Style Baked Quinoa caught my attention because of the healthiness, superfood content, and nutrient rich quinoa cheese. Who am I kidding? I love cheese. According to my mother, my first sentence was “Cheese, please.”

Cheesy Greek-Style Baked Quinoa — Pinned to my Healthy Noms Pinterest board

Anyway, the recipe is pretty much perfect. I think we added extra garlic, replaced the onion powder with actual onion and the skim milk with almond milk because that’s what we had. It was so effing delicious but X wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Oh well, Monsters Inc chicken nuggets were yummy in his tummy that night. This meal is also one of those that tastes even better the next day for lunch, so make extra.

The next pin was last night’s dinner and came from Iowa Girl Eats.

Also pinned to my Healthy Noms board

I have tried quite a few recipes from Iowa Girl Eats, including her baked donuts that I used to make Absinthe donuts when I was feeling nostalgic for New Orleans. I had been wanting to make this one for a while and had bought the ingredients a few times over but always ended up turning it into something else for some reason or another. This time we really did it, though. I did most of the prep work and Jay cut the chicken (cuz it’s slimy and gross and don’t like having chicken bits under my fingernails) and did the stir-frying.

I substituted the rice vinegar with white wine vinegar because while I was in the supermarket I could have sworn we had rice vinegar so I didn’t buy any. (I did the same thing with flour, too, and now all I have is bread flour and whole wheat flour and I’m supposed to make chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes for my sister’s graduation party tomorrow. Fuck.) I also couldn’t find the chili garlic sauce so I made do with a concoction of 2 parts ShopRite’s Asian Garlic Sesame Sauce, 1 part Sriracha.

While Jay cooked it up, he seemed kind of skeptical that this would be good, but once it was done and he tasted it, I think he needed a new pair of shorts he was so happy. He must have complimented this recipe at least 12 times before finishing his giant bowlful. I think my only complaint was that it might have been too salty, but I doubled-ish the recipe and eyeballed a lot of measurements so the proportion of sauce to everything else might not have been right. Lessen learned- when soy sauce (even low sodium) is involved, do not screw around.


Go forth and eat quinoa!



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