Lap4Life – A Kid’s Race Recap

So, yeah, I ran a race this past weekend but have had zero time to write a recap. The race was Lap4Life and was pretty much awesome. I had registered for it last year, but ended up having to sit back and spectate instead of running because of my stupid tibia. I had run the coarse – 4 miles around Chadwick Lake-  a few months later with the hubs as part of an 8 mile training run. My only goal for this race day was to finish it in less time than it took me to do the first lap of that training run- 46 minutes. And hot damn I did! 43:13! Yahoo!!

But rather than bore you to tears with the story of me running around in a circle and having my earbuds fall out every 0.02 miles, I’m going to try something different. You see, X ran this race, too. Well, not the 4 miler, but the kids’ 1/4 mile run. I’m going to write a recap that HE would probably write if knew more than 1 letter (X, of course) and had a slightly wider vocabulary than he currently does (mostly because if I wrote in true X-Speak it would take you 3 hours to read the post and you’d probably lose interest and start scrolling through Pinterest.)


Yesterday (because to X, everything is either yesterday or tomorrow) I went to the park with Daddy. He said it was for packet pickup, but I say it was to PLAY!!!! Daddy got big bags filled with lots of stuff. Mommy said the bags were filled with:

  • race bibs and safety pins (though not enough)
  • t-shirts
  • BelVita breakfast cookies
  • Sunscreen sample bottle
  • Lotion sample bottle
  • lots of coupons
  • water bottle
  • pen
  • sticky-notes

Then I got to go the park AGAIN with Mommy and Daddy and Mema (my mom) and my best friend E (as in Christina‘s E. She was there, too with the rest of her family, but X only ever mentions E.) I was soooo hungry even though I ate 2 big waffles for breakfast. I ate my applesauce pouch AND my cheese crackers before Mommy and Daddy even started running too fast.

Mommy and Daddy went to run too fast and I played with Mema on the playground and ran to the fire trucks (local FD was there) and the hammers and screwdrivers (Home Depot’s Kids’ Workshop was there with a project).

Daddy ran faster than Mommy. I sawed him first. He was really sweaty and yucky-doodles. Then Mommy finished and she was yucky-doodles, too. Then I built a toolbox with the hammer and screwdriver. Mommy and Daddy helped a lot.

Then I saw my doctor! She didn’t give me a shot or look in my ears or anything. She went running too fast, too! It was so cool that I got all shy and didn’t want to talk to her.

Then Mommy and Daddy said it was time for me to run too fast with E. We ran too fast to the kids’ start but then we had to wait a LOOOONNNNG time. Mommy said it was over an hour of waiting. I was soooo hungry. Even though I ate waffles and applesauce and crackers. I eated the breakfast cookies, too. No sharing!

IMG_0855[1]I played with sticks with E. We pretended they were guns and shot each other again and again and again until we both got in trouble. Then I was bored so I remembered some letters and showed Mommy on the sign.


Then FINALLY it was time to run too fast. I lined up with the other kids (and Daddy) to go run.IMG_0858[1]

The man said “1…. 2…. 3…. GO!” and I ranned so fast that Mommy and Mema couldn’t get ANY pictures of me. That’s REALLY FAST!! The lady at the end of the race gave me a medal!


I didn’t know what to do with it. I never had a medal before. So I swung it around all over the place. Then daddy hugged me and said he was sooo proud of me.


After the race, Mommy hung my medal and bib up with my other bib and my ribbon and Mommy and Daddy’s medals.  It looks so cool!




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