9 Things I Shouldn’t See While Commuting (But Do)

I’m not one for re-blogging, but I feel since I helped with the research phase of this, I probably should.

The Table Wears Running Shoes

It seems like my blog is all swim/bike/run all the time lately, so today I’m changing it up.  Today, I want to share the results of a nearly year-long study Nicole and I have been engaged in.  I call it: “Crap We See On Our Commute.”

For those who don’t know, Nicole and I are carpool buddies.  We drive to and from work together, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, unless one of us has the rare something going on that makes carpooling difficult that day.  It saves us money and miles on our cars (the commute from our meeting point is right around 40 miles, one way), and reduces our carbon footprints (feetprints?).

About a year ago, there was this car we kept passing on the parkway.  I’m sure we pass a lot of cars regularly while commuting, but this car was memorable because it…

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