The Unintended Dual-Variable Experiment

Jay and I had grand plans for this last Sunday. We were going to wake up whenever we woke up, without the aid of an alarm clock- digital or child. Jay installed black-out shades on the kiddo’s window so that the sun wouldn’t wake him at daybreak leading him to wake us with his customary, “Hellooooo” at 5:20 AM. Once we woke up, we were going to pop the kid in the BOB, throw a NatureBox Figgy Bar at him, and head to the rail trail for a nice 5-ish mile run.

That plan, like many involving a 3-year-old, went to hell. The shades worked too well and X was still not awake by 8:30Am! Now I’m not complaining- this feature will be very well appreciated on other weekends- but if we didn’t get to running soon, the rest of the errands we had to run that day were just not going to happen in any kind of timely manner. Jay told me to head out on my own and that he’d run later in the day. There went the nice little family run.

Here’s where the experiment comes in.

Variable #1: I’m supposed to take a puff of my inhaler 30 minutes prior to exercise. I’ve been pretty good about it and haven’t really had to deal with any kind of asthma-related running problems. My plan for this morning was to take that puff when the baby woke up. Given how long it takes to get him dressed and to the rail trail, the timing would be perfect. Now, since I was rushing out of the house to get the run finished maybe before the kid was hungry for breakfast, I forgot to take that drag of Xoponex.

Variable #2: What I did remember to do, was to scarf down a Honey Stinger Waffle given to me to try by Honey Stinger Ambassador Christina.

Bland-looking, but quite yummy in the tummy.

Somehow I’d gone 3 years in the running/OCR community without trying one of these things.  I was trying a new energy food right before a run. This kind of thing has led to trouble for many a runner. I was supposed to also be eating that waffle a half hour before running, to minimize the chances of wanting to vomit a mile in. I ate it while I was putting on my shoes, instead.

I went with a Galloway method of alternating 4 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking. I didn’t realize until a mile in that I had forgotten my inhaler. It was all good though, because I was feeling fine. I had caught my lungs already and my breathing was just dandy. For the next few miles I felt no need for extra walk breaks or anything. I was even managing negative splits! Yay!

I ran for a bit over 4 miles around my little village before Jay called to tell me that the kiddo was up, thrown in the BOB, and they were on their way to meet me. We’d get a little a family run in together after all. We met up about a third of a mile from my house and Jay suggested we turn around and run back to the park so X could play a little bit before we walk back the other way to the Main Line Diner for some late breakfast.

Just after hitting the 5 mile mark, I knew that my lungs were not as pleased with me as they had led me to believe. Bastards. I could hear my own exhales and feel them rasping in my chest. Fuck. Because I’m a dumb-ass, I ignored it and sprinted down the hill into the park anyway, to end with 5.16 miles under my belt. Then walked slowly for a good long time, concentrating on my breathing to get myself back under control. Lucky for me, it worked. I talked my lungs out of a full on rebellion.

It wasn’t until we got to the diner and the waiter put the stack of buttermilk pancakes in front of me, that I realized how awesome the Honey Stinger Waffles must have been. I never felt nauseous or otherwise gastrically challenged and now I was facing pancakes and not feeling remotely hungry after the 5 mile run. Score!


Yup, still asthmatic. I always hope that it is just a “when I’m sick” thing, but no.

Honey Stinger Waffles are AWESOME (Or, as X would say, AWESOME SAUCE!)


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