FoodDay Friday – Bites

On the heels of my blog post about X’s picky eating and food idiosyncrasies, some new developments occurred:

–X ate a banana! Then he ate another one the next day while watching Mo Willems read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus to a kindergarten classroom on DVD.

Image from 2nd First Look. Clicky the pic and go read about Mo Willems’ children’s books. They are very fun books!

And then he ate an applesauce pouch! Hot damn! That’s 3 more fruits than he’s eaten the previous 3 months! Actually, the applesauce pouch also had cherries in it. So that’s, like, 4 fruits!

–He also discovered that cereal can have marshmallows in it. Well, shit. Thanks sample giver outer lady at ShopRite. No more healthy Alpha-Bits or Cheerios. Now he must have Honeycomb with Twisted Marshmallows for breakfast.  The interwebs seem to be telling me that this is a limited time only thing. Hopefully the excuse of “It doesn’t exist anymore” will fly with the kid. Probably not. I see a cereal aisle temper tantrum in my future.

–Last night, Jay and I planned to make some nice healthy salmon with a delicious-looking Asian broccoli and cashew recipe from our new Chopped cookbook. X even seemed excited about the broccoli. (I’m guessing he probably had no idea what we were talking about and only heard “cashews.”) Instead, we went to Five Guys because Jay was having a craving. X loves Five Guys and shocked us the first time we went there as he ate an entire cheeseburger at the tender age of 2.

Last night, he really wanted to dip his sandwich in the little tub containing the ketchup for his french fries. Being a huge-ass burger, it didn’t really fit in the tub. Jay thought it would be smart to tear his burger in half so that it would be easier to dunk.

(Did any moms out there just cringe a little bit at that statement? You know what is about to happen don’t you?)

X refused to eat the now ruined cheeseburger- arms crossed, facing away from the table, look of abject disgust on his face.

–As delicious as it was, X would not eat the strawberry, almond butter, and spinach smoothie that I made for Jay and I. It was so tasty and the green stuff did not impart any flavor whatsoever. The spinach did, however, leave behind minute green remnants in the otherwise pink beverage. X and his microscope vision must have somehow picked up on it. He wasn’t even distracted by the fact that is was poured into his spiffy Darth Vader cup.


3 thoughts on “FoodDay Friday – Bites

  1. Ahh, child food trickery at it’s finest. 🙂

    I saw a thing somewhere about those little ketchup cups (the paper ones, if that’s what you were talking about). They actually have all of those little crinkles because they are designed to be opened up and spread flat so you can get at the ketchup. Maybe for next time and no more burger ripping?

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