Friday FoodDay – Asian Turkey Meatballs

1. I suck at this blog writing thing. My goal has always been to write at least 2 posts a week. We all see how well that has gone. Stupid work keeping me busy.

2. It’s Pi Day and I am not talking about PIE? WTF? I was considering making a pizza pie tonight for dinner and having that be my FoodDay item, buuuut the hubs has his very first marathon tomorrow and I’ve got to help him get his gear and stuff together. I’ll be ordering in pizza tonight and calling it Pi. Sue me.

Instead, I will show you how we got a 3 year old to eat mass quantities of vegetables:

It was done with a recipe that I pinned from for Asian Turkey Meatballs with Lime Sesame Dipping Sauce.

Pinned it: skinnytaste’s Asian Turkey Meatballs

Jay and I followed this recipe pretty much to the letter, but with extra garlic and a metric ton of veggies that had gone through the food processor. I think we probably added about an extra turkey-volume worth of ground up carrots, broccoli, and whatever other veg we had sitting in the fridge begging to be eaten. Drizzle the whole shebang with the dipping sauce, and voila- healthy noms.

Spaghetti and VeggieMeatballs

Now I’m all about swapping out carbs for pretend-carbs, but the “zoodles” that she suggests were just never going to fly with X. Instead, I opted for some veggie spaghetti. So not only did X’s plate have VeggieMeatballs, but he also had spinach and whatnot IN the pasta! Sweet!

So did the hidden veggies work? What do you think?

I eatin’ like Cookie Monster. Nom nom nom.


4 thoughts on “Friday FoodDay – Asian Turkey Meatballs

    1. They really were delicious. The veggies actually added this really great sweetness and depth of flavor. I highly recommend it, even for the non-preschooler crowd.

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