Some Random Stuff

Having no idea what to write about, I have decided to just let my brain go all silly:

  • Store-bought refrigerated sugar cookie dough is gross. I had bought some so that I could experiment with some teensy tinesy cookie cutters that I had. The experiment failed (sucktastic) and I was left with 3/4 of a roll of random cookie dough (extra sucktastic.) Since their are starving kids in Biafra, I couldn’t waste the dough. I sliced it, baked it, and fed it to the family. They are not yummy. Even X had to be coaxed into finishing his cookie.
  • Whoever wrote the theme for Thomas & Friends needs to be shot in the gut and left outside to rot. Click here if you want to hear the horrors, but anyone who has had a pre-school aged boy around probably knows this insipid little ditty and has already attempted tearing out their own ear drums with a broken shard of overpriced wooden train tracks. They play this song at the beginning AND end of each <15 minute episode. Episodes are paired, so within one 30 minute time slot, I have to hear this godforsaken thing FOUR TIMES! I typically avoid putting Thomas on at all so I don’t have to endure the damned song, but a certain Great-Grandmother bought my son a Happy Birthday Thomas train that comes with a little toy birthday cake that plays the stupid song! Must learn how to destroy it!
  • For a weekend that I fail to run, after a week of crappy runs, cheese-filled hot dogs and pretzels with queso dip are perfectly acceptable lunch options. Yep. Drowned my running-sorrows in ultra-processed nasty pseudo-food products.
  • The common cold has to be the most horrific virus there is. At least Ebola has the common courtesy to complete incapacitate you, allowing you some rest. The stupid cold only makes it miserable to do anything, but you are still completely expected to do everything. Brilliant idea, evolutionarily speaking, for the virus. Annoying as all get-out for Homo sapiens.
  • Baby snails can survive just about anything. Even after removing all visible snails (1 dead adult, 1 living adult, and 3 babies) and washing the entire fish tank in really hot water, I have found at least 4 baby snails in the fish tank. Jay just removed 3 of them yesterday. Let’s hope that one that is left stays at one.
  • I watched Pocahontas for the first time on Saturday (Thank you ABC Family, for sucking my life away into your Epic Adventure Weekend. It’s not like you haven’t stolen enough of my life with your Harry Potter Weekends.) Don’t see what the hype is with this movie. Then again, I was watching it while also finishing up my tax returns, so maybe I need to give it a second chance. I probably wasn’t paying it the attention it deserves. (For the record, I still haven’t seen Mulan.)

Random ramblings completed.


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