My Precious(es)

I’m not ordinarily a very materialistic person, but there are just something that I NEED and don’t dare take them from me.

Not NEED in the “I’ll die without it” type way- like food, water, shelter, and zombie-smashing weaponry- but more like the “life would really suck without it” type way.

My Our KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer

Ours hasn’t looked this clean in about 7 years.

We received it as a wedding gift and I have pretty much commandeered the thing ever since. I love it so much that my husband actually got me decals for it as a gift. Yes, my stand mixer has a purple flame job. If Teenage Joe the Douchebag can have flame decals on his souped up 1993 Chevy Malibu, then I can have it on my mixer. And it has to be this particular mixer. I can’t stand the other kind. My mom has the other kind and if I ever have to cook at her house, I bring my own damned mixer.

Snap Infusion Super Candy

Snap Infusion was handing these out at the Super Spartan in NJ last year and I fell hard for them. Especially the Mel flavor. They taste like one of my favorite candies, Rolos, AND give me energy and electrolytes AND don’t make my stomach feel like it’s just been hosed with slime from underneath Manhattan.

You will be missed, Dr. Spengler

That’s a lot more than can be said about packs of electrolyte goo. I throw a pack of Supercandy in my Armpocket, Nathan QuickShot Plus pocket, or just in my bra for a run and then pop a few every half mile or so. I have noticed a drastic difference in my endurance when I have them as opposed to when I do something silly like forget to bring them with me. During cold temperature runs, I have to switch to the Bean or Gummy flavors because the Mels do get a little bit on the hard side in sub-freezing temps.

Piping Tips and Disposable Piping Bags

Without these, I couldn’t frost a cupcake for crap. Seriously. I ‘got lazy’ and decided just to frost some cupcakes with a frosting spatula like cake people do. It took me 3 times longer and they ended up looking like they had fallen on the floor butter-side down. I will gladly take the 2 minutes to shove a big old piping tip into the disposable bag and pipe on the frosting. People think it’s so pretty and professional looking, when really it was faster and easier for to use the bag.

My Armpocket

This little doodad holds my phone, giant car key fob, ID, money, extra pack of Super Candy, and seemingly whatever else I feel like bringing with me on a run. With sufficient Tetris ability, I can even get my inhaler in there. Only downfall of it at the moment is that the velcro seems to have lost its velcro-ocity. I use a safety pin to keep it on, but the fabric it is made of is stretchy enough that I can take it on and off without removing the safety pin. Upside of the situation is that I never have to adjust it- it is always at the exact right size for my arm. These come in sizes to accommodate any phone and any arm.

Chicken Nuggets

I do not know how parents got children to eat prior to Robert C. Baker‘s brilliant invention. Oh, dear Nugget Man, how you have saved me from countless tantrums from my starving pre-schooler. Oh, who the f*$% am I kidding? They’ve saved my starving self. Chicken nuggets are one of my two carnivore downfalls. I could go vegetarian right now if it wasn’t for chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers.

That’s good for now.  There are some more, but this is getting kind of long so stay tuned for a second addition.

FYI- I am not sponsored by any of these things. I just want to spread the word about things that work for me.


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