Run first. Wine later.

So I started writing this post on the 11th. Then there was snow. And snow. And snow. And a completely lack of  motivation to do anything besides curse the snow. Then it snowed again.

BUT, now that I have finally gotten a run in (albeit on that gorram treadmill), I feel better and can compose something half decent.

On the 9th of this month, the hubs and I participated in our very first vintage run. No, this doesn’t mean that we ran through a thrift shop buying $1 vests and belt buckles and then re-sell them for $150 claiming they are “vintage.” It is a run that is typically done at a vineyard or winery and comes with a wine tasting at the end. Heaven, right?

This particular run was called the Aroma Thyme Vintage Run. Aroma Thyme Bistro is not a winery or a vineyard, but it does have the best stocked bar in all of New York’s beautifully wine-soaked Hudson Valley. I think that counts. Aroma Thyme is the Valley’s first Certified Green restaurant and makes the most to-die-for food for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. I had a small plate of blue cheese spaetzle that was so good that I’m drooling right now.

But I digress. This was supposed to be about the run.

We started out at Aroma Thyme. It was friggin’ cold, as usual, so most people were waiting in the Bistro for the race to start. We received our bibs and a wine bottle stopper for participating. There was also free coffee for warming up.

While waiting for the 11:30 start time, Jay managed to schmooze the bartender into giving him some tastes of the many bourbons that they carry. That bartender, Carl, became Jay’s favorite person in the world. I gotta keep my eyes on those two. The guy in the charge of the race (his names escapes me right now), introduced himself to us and everyone else, personally, before making all the big announcements about the course and what not. Super cool.

There was no start line – just a seam in the street that we all lined up behind, while an Ellenville police officer held traffic at bay. Did I mention this was really low key? We all started off and about a mile later came the first hill. It was a double whammy kind of hill, too, where you run up and then when you think you’ve come to the top, the road turns and it goes up again. They did warn us about this, though, and I knew another worse hill was coming between miles 2 and 3. After the hill, we entered a golf course. Chunks of it were cleared of snow, but a lot of it was still coated in snow that made running at peak performance a bit difficult. Just after the 2 mile mark was the evil hill. I actually had to walk backwards up the hill a little bit to give my muscles a rest.

Then- and this was so cool- there was a faux-wine station! We got a little disposable wine glass of grape juice. Tee-hee. A ran with my little glass the whole rest of the way feeling like a fitness-conscious lush.

The last sprint to the finish line was a little bit difficult because of epic amounts of ice and snow on the sidewalks, but one of my power songs happened to shuffle its way into my earbuds and I was able to finish the 3.6 miles very strong. Race over. Time for wine!

Wine tasting!

There were 5 or 6 wines to try around the dining room, plus cheese and cracker-type snacks for post-race party time. We got to keep our tasting glass, too! All in all, it was a great low-key race that I will absolutely be doing again. The people were awesome, the swag was spiffy, and the course was interesting and challenging but doable by all.

Thanks Aroma Thyme and Seven Five O Events! Can’t wait for the next Vintage Run at Benmarl!

Complimentary wine glass, bib, and my plastic wine glass running mate holding the stopper.

Complimentary wine glass, bib, and my plastic wine glass running mate holding the stopper.


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