Hot Chocolate Weekend

Even though this weekend brought a relative heat wave to the Tri-State area (all the way up to the 40s on Saturday!) I still participated in the New York City Runs M-M-Manhattan Hot Chocolate 10K. I did this with the hubby AND, as a special surprise to everyone involved, his cousin.

It was a surprise  because his cousin had never ever ever run a race before. She had registered for the 5K, but due to a misreading of an email, ended up missing her start time. Let this be a lesson to all to read pre-race informational emails carefully and not after a marathon shopping trip to find cold weather running gear.  It turned out awesomely because now she has a 10K under her belt – with a pretty damned good time to boot (she beat me.) Who needs to start at the bottom and work their way up? Not that girl.

I officially love running in Riverside Park. PurpleStride was also held there and I got a PR at the run. Technically, I got a PR here, too, but only because I never ran an official 10K before. The course is gorgeous. There are straight-aways and easy inclines and declines, views of the Hudson, and lots of good people and dog-watching.

The NYC Runs team is so good, too. It was well organized and the staff/volunteers were all smiles and encouragement, even out in the cold for more hours than I’m thinking they wanted to be out there. Even with 300+ people, a small registration table, and bag check area, we still didn’t have to wait in line long for anything- including our nummy post-race hot chocolate in our mug swag.

After this race, I was supposed to go home and make some hot chocolate cupcakes for the next day’s VFW Ladies Auxiliary bake sale. Totally didn’t happen. Even though I braved the pre-Super Bowl supermarket Hell and stopped at the big liquor store to get some marshmallow vodka and adult chocolate milk (because I like a boozy cupcake,) I was just way too tired and comfy on the couch. Turned out for the best anyway, because the next morning I woke up to foot joining the ranks of my shin and knee as Body Parts That Hate the New Running Thing. I wasn’t going to make it to the VFW and I don’t need to eat 2 dozen cupcakes on my own.

In lieu of a cupcake recipe, I will instead show you the kind of lush that I am. I had to leave work early today because of the slushy, snowy roadways being produced in Westchester county. As I sat at my dining room table working from home, I noticed the poor, unused bottles of liqueur and vodka sitting on top of my refrigerator. (I swear they were giving me sad puppy eyes.) I got up and made a cocktail.

Growned-Up Hot Chocolate

  • 2oz Naughty Cow Chocolate Milk Liqueur
  • 2oz Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka
  • 1oz cream

Shaky shaky in a martini shaker

photo 1

Why, yes, I do have the dweebiest bar set known to man. Thanks for noticing.

I went to garnish with a marshmallow, but noticed this when I pulled the bag of puffed sugar out of my pantry.

Umm. Spew.

Umm. Spew.

A garnish-less heathen I must be. I started to pour, but then realized that it wasn’t even 3 in the afternoon. It felt a lot later to me when I started this. So I poured the world’s tiniest cocktail -for tasting purposes- then put the shaker back in the fridge to be enjoyed at a later hour.

photo 3

Tiny but tasty!

It was very yummy, and this is coming from someone who typically doesn’t like creamy beverages like mudslides or Bailey’s or stuff like that. Is it a later hour, yet?


3 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Weekend

    1. I wish they’d bring one of those official Hot Chocolate Runs to my area. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled.
      I need to find a marshmallow flavored rum because I think that would make this tastier than with vodka AND would do well warmed up for a real hot chocolate. 🙂

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