5 Days

This morning I woke up with every intention to write a blog post about the final countdown to the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and all the crappy things that have gone on in the past week or two that are making me doubt my ability to complete it. Then I log on to my computer and see this:

New Picture

My fellow Disney traveler beat me to the punch. Luckily, the interwebs are ginormous so I’m pretty sure no one will mind if I do my own version. I’ll even add my own eye candy to sweeten the deal.

Spartan-style eye candy, of course. He will always be Leonidas to me no matter how many stupid chick flicks he does.

5 days from now, I should have a half marathon medal in the likeness of Donald Duck. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m not exactly 100% sure this will all go as planned. I have not run AT ALL since New Year’s Eve. There are a few different conditions that are coming together into a Mark Wahlberg-worth Perfect Storm of inactive doominess.

Bad Weather

Cold and snow and rain. I’m not a girly-girl that doesn’t like getting stuck in the rain. I do not, however, like to be running non the side of slick, nasty roads right next to large tractor-trailers and/or morons who do not know how to drive in inclement weather. Where I live, big main truck thoroughfares are pretty much my only option.

Then there’s the whole I-Don’t-Remember-Moving-To-Nome arctic temperatures that we’ve been getting the last bunch of days. If I can safely store my lab’s DNA polymerase* on my front porch, then it is way too cold be going outside to run. (*for the non-lab dweebs, DNA polymerase is stored at -20°C or -4°F)

And I WILL NOT run on that damned treadmill again. I gave it many chances and it all it did was give me a…

Bad Knee

I had to stop running my 14.5 mile run at about 8 miles because of my knee. It felt like someone was trying to tear my kneecap off with a crowbar. Not normal and not cool for 2 weeks before my half marathon debut. I’m blaming it on the treadmill because I was fine up until the weather started getting craptacular and I had to start doing a lot more of my runs in the gym at work or on my mom’s ancient treadmill.

Sick Kid

Throughout all this, I’ve also been dealing with a sick kid.  He’s been fighting off back-to-back colds (thanks day care!) I was all excited to have days off for the holidays because I’d be able to send the kiddo to day care (to pick up more germs) and go for a run all by myself in my neighborhood and then <gasp> take a nice, relaxing, hot shower. No such luck. I ended up with a kid home from day care and trips back and forth to the pediatrician. Goodie. Goodie. Gumdrops. No run and, some days, not even a shower.

Sick Me

Inevitably, sick kid leads to sick Mommy. And sick Daddy, too. I can barely sleep because I can barely breathe. Last time I checked, breathing was a requirement for running. Also, Mommy with a cold has, in the past, led to Mommy with asthmatic coughing fits. Add on top of that the sub-zero temps that my doc told me to avoid because it would probably trigger the asthma, and this girl was NOT going outside for anything more than putting the dogs outside.

I’m pretty sure that me and the other Running Mamas will be able to push each other through our run. We just need to finish in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes. That 9.5 mile run that I did last week that I had to go really slowly from miles 5 to 8 and then straight up walk the last 1.5 still had an average pace of 12:40 minutes per mile, so in theory, I should be able to do it.

Return with my shield or on it, right?

To victory! Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!


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