I’m torn. I don’t know if I should be thrilled or totally ticked off. Maybe my many, many (read: three) followers can help me decide on my emotional state.

Here’s the story:

My training schedule has me do 30 minute runs on Tuesday and Thursday, in addition to a long run on the weekend. Last week, I only got to run on Tuesday thanks to bad weather, too much work, and scheduling conflicts in general. It happens. Whatever.

In order to avoid having this problem occur again this week, I decided to try to get a run in today (Monday if you aren’t reading this today and/or have no idea what day it is.) So last night, I packed my gym bag with clothing appropriate for running inside on my arch nemesis: The Treadmill. Freezing rain was in the forecast and I sure as hell am not risking getting a cold with just a month to go until the Big Race Day. My last cold led to a month+ long cough-fest that kept me from from doing a GORUCK, running, talking, breathing, etc. On my way out of the house this morning, I thought maybe I should grab my long sleeve shirt just in case the weather clears up enough for an outside run. Then I must have seen a squirrel or something shiny because I didn’t actually grab it.

Or maybe even a shiny squirrel like this one on Etsy!

Fast forward to noon today. I head down to the gym, get changed into my tank top and capris for running inside where it is blazing hot, and head out to the row of treadmills. The screen on the first one is blank. Strange. The screen on the next one is blank. More strange. The screen on the next one  functioning but there is a person on there who probably doesn’t want me walking behind them all creepy-like. Dammit. They are all down. Could I have jumped on to an elliptical or bike? Yeah, but it’s just not the same and I didn’t have to run today anyway.

So the question is: Do I be pissed that I can’t get a run in today or do I rejoice in the fact that the Dr. Claw to my Inspector Gadget is dead for the time being?

Oh and if you need a good laugh: I debated whether or not to just try to run outside in my extra t-shirt. I pulled up WeatherBug on my phone to see what the outside temp was. There’s no signal in the gym so I stepped out to one the doorways to try to get some 3G. I stepped out without my key card. The key card I need to get back inside. Yep. I was trapped outside in my not-warm-enough-for-outside clothes. Good job, Nicole. Good job. Luckily, a construction guy who recognized me walked by and let me back in.


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