The one where I lost a calf sleeve

Saturday morning ,I woke up all ready to run my longest distance ever- 9.5 miles. I grabbed my capris, tee, socks, and the compression calf sleeves that keep my calves and shins from mutinying.

Oh wait, no. I grabbed 1 sleeve. Being lucky enough to have 2 legs, this was not an ideal situation. I proceeded to tear apart my little section of the Earth in search of the missing sleeve. I went through my gym bag, old gym bags that I haven’t used in forever, the dirty laundry pile, the clean laundry that was not yet put away pile, the dryer, the washing machine, behind the dresser, my husband’s sock drawer, my sock drawers, the running gear drawer, the running gear bin, under the bed…. you get the picture. This thing is nowhere. I threw a personal temper tantrum, away from my husband and two-year-old, throwing laundry and slamming shoe boxes (because I was even looking in those.)

black hole

Well, it might be in here with all the lost socks.

So I ran without sleeves and by the grace of some unknown universal force (maybe the black hole,) I did not end up in dire pain. It’s another miracle!

Not wanting to tempt the fates by continuing to run without sleeves, the family and I headed out to our local sprawling retail hub in hopes that 1 of the eleventy sporting goods stores would have some compression calf sleeves that I could purchase without having to add on rush shipping. One would think that stores that sell running clothes, or shirts that boast that you are a runner, or are named after a part of a race would do something silly like carry running gear. One would be very wrong. Those stores are apparently only for basketball/football/baseball players and people who pretend to be runners by wearing the latest Nike running shoe (in the brightest, most obnoxious colors every to grace a Crayola box) while waiting on line in Starbucks. Actual running stores with the price mark-ups to match are the only places I can go to find anything more technical than a pair of reflective capris. Is there a running store anywhere near me?



I gave up the search and ordered on the interwebs instead. And the world wonders why brick-and-mortar are dying.


One thought on “The one where I lost a calf sleeve

  1. We do, for serious, live in a running store blackout zone. It’s depressing. Add in the swimming blackout zone and you start to wonder how the Hudson Valley doesn’t have an average BMI of about 50 or so.

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