Pre-Beast Craft-Fest

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Vermont for the Spartan Beast. I should be packing for the 3 nights I’ll be up there, packing for X to stay with his Mima and Pop-pop, organizing the dogs’ stuff for my brother to take care of them, and running gear-check after gear-check to make sure we have EVERYTHING that we will need to conquer the peaks of Killington and beat last year’s time by at least a few hours.

Instead, I have yet again become a minion of the Pintester.

At her behest, I put down the camelbak cleaning tabs and picked up a sponge brush to test out this pin from Southern Color.

DIY Race Bib & Medal Display

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In my defense, this was actually something that I really wanted to do for a long time and just never got around to it. It’s not like I just dropped everything and did this for no reason. Jay and I have been doing OCRs and other running events for 3 years now and most of our medals and bibs are in a sad state. The bibs are in my side table in a ziploc baggie and the medals are strewn over a piece of artwork in our bedroom.


It just screams “Proud of our Accomplishments,” doesn’t it?

Off to Michaels I went in search of crafting supplies. I left with 42.39 worth of stuff for making 2 Race bib & medal displays. I think this is awesome considering how much it would cost to buy just 1 display from Etsy. I got to work making shit up as I went along. Yeah, I could have followed the blogs instructions, but (1) it wouldn’t be very Pintester-y and (2) I spent years of my life and thousands of my parents’ dollars going to arts n’ crafts classes. The least I could do is put all that to good use making up a bib display.

I started by painting some words with sparkly pink and black paint. I didn’t paint the whole slab of wood because it was a pretty piece of wood and it would have been a crime to cover it up with acrylic.

I started by painting some words

Then I grabbed the hardware I purchased and screwed it into the wood where I thought it should go. I had to scrounge through Jay’s boxes o’ random metal bits to find screws that would fit the clampy bit.


I more or less eyeballed everything because why not? Oh right, because I’m typically very anal retentive about that sort of thing but I was getting the feeling that the hubby wasn’t thrilled that I was crafting while there was real important stuff to be done.

Then I was done. That was quick and easy and so much better than giving the hippie Etsy people money to do it for me. I plopped on the medals and bibs and used Jay to display the displays because I failed to purchase sturdy enough hanger things to actually put them up on the wall.

Mine is written in pink so it's hard to see in the pic :(

Mine is written in pink so it’s hard to see in the pic. I swear it is there. I wasn’t that lazy.

A close up of my display

A close up of my display


Another successful pin! I’m absolutely going to do this again and make them even better for our 2013 medals. Because this is my current 2013 medal display:


At least the poor ironing board get to have a purpose in life. I don’t think I’ve actually ironed since 1997.

OK. Now I can get back to packing headlamps and glow sticks and SunRype FruitSource bars.


19 thoughts on “Pre-Beast Craft-Fest

  1. Glad you finally got around to doing something you’d been meaning to do & also glad that they turned out! They look great. And good for you for running all those races 😀

    1. The hubby and I made shadowboxes for our 2012 Spartan Race medals. Making these displays was much easier and tons cheaper. I also like that if I’m feeling particular proud of one race or another, I can move that bib to the front.

  2. $42.39?! I’m going to need you to post a tutorial on how to get out of Michael’s with an under $60 tab. They came out great! (Though Jay could look a little more impressed; you crafted hard, durn it!)

  3. Your original system beats mine – my OCR medals are hanging from my desk in my office and I have no idea where the bibs are. Maybe my laundry room? I rinse them off post-race in the sink and set them out to dry and then I assume my cats get them and lord only knows where they go from there. With this Pin Win, your new system basically annihilates my total lack of a system 🙂 Also, I think I see a Tough Mudder headband in there – I’m so jealous. I’ve been wanting to do one of those for years.

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