The Season is a Bust

I had so many high hopes for 2013. A packed OCR schedule plus adding in as many road races as possible to get ready for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in 2014. The Fates did not have the same plans.

Those Bitches.

Here is what I had lined up in my race planner:

My race planner

1/1 to 12/31 – Dirt in Your Skirt 13 in 13 Challenge

3/17 GORUCK Light NYC – DNS

4/6 Springletrack – DNF

4/13 Spartan Sprint CitiField – Wasn’t going to do it. Then wanted to do it. Couldn’t get a spot. No go.

4/16 Runners United to Remember Virtual Run – Really wish I hadn’t had to do this one. (1 of 13)

4/20 PurpleStride NYC – Personal best! Yay! (2 of 13)

4/28 Rescue Run/Walk to Benefit the HVSPCA at Orange County Choppers – Jay ended up having to work at the last minute. No go.

5/4 Dirty Girl Scranton – Had a blast! Yay! (3 of 13)

5/11 Sprint Sprint for St. Vincent’s Hospital of Westchester – Nearly a DNF because of an asthma attack (4 of 13)

5/18 GORUCK Light Philadelphia – DNS. I was nowhere near ready for something like that.

5/18 Cupcake Classic 5K in Gardiner to replace the GoRuck – This was a fun time. Yay! (5 of 13)

6/1 Spartan Sprint Tuxedo – Good times! Yay! Although I think it might have been the beginning of the end. (6 of 13)

6/8 GORUCK Challenge NYC – DNS. The inability to walk without feeling like I was jamming my leg into the corner of a table kinda ruled out running around Manhattan with 50lbs of stuff on my back.

6/8 MudManX New Windsor – Fun but SLOOOOW times in the mud with my bestie. To use a term from another blogger, “Tibial Armageddon” had begun. (7 of 13)

6/22 Lap4Life – DNS. Doctor’s orders.

7/20 Superhero Scramble Tri-State- Could have had a better time. (8 of 13)

7/24 Going Dopey for a Cure – My first bit of virtual bling. It was kind of depressing to have to walk a 5K. It took over an hour. But on the upside, my mom and baby sis came out with me and the hubby to do it. That made it better. (9 of 13)

8/10 Hero Rush PA – I was going to have to opt out of this one, too (doctor’s orders),  but I didn’t have to. They went out of friggin’ business. Dammit. I really wanted to try this one next time around.

8/24 Warrior Dash PA – Yup. Missed this one, too. I guess it’s a good thing the injury kept me out because I ended up being vomitrociously sick that day. Wouldn’t have wanted to spread that bug around the mud like those poor Mudders in Michigan.

What does the future have in store?

9/7 Super Spartan NJ – I’m scared out of my brain at how my body is going to handle this. I know how I operate, so I will finish this course, but I will pay for it with severe muscle pain and throbbing in my already swollen bone for the following 2 weeks. To feel better just in time for…

9/21 Spartan Beast VT – Will I make it to Vermont? Will I make it up and down all those peaks in one piece? I have no idea. But if I do incur some damage, I’ll be heading to the hospital the next day anyway for…

9/22 Westchester Medical Center Trauma Mud Run – I don’t care if I have to crawl this thing like this poor zombie.

Did I just say “poor” zombie? I must be losing my Zedhuntress edge.

I must support the hospital that fixed up my sister. I should probably wear a disguise, though. Both my and her orthopedist are out of that hospital. Can’t let them see me.

10/12 Tough Mudder Tri-State – I really wanted to try to make up for last year’s fiasco, but Super + Beast + Trauma = I might not be able to do it and I’m not risking the $100+ registration fee

10/13 NYMC Race for Rehab 5K – I’m hoping I can work back up for this. I think I can.

10/19 MudManX Mudspooktacular – Maybe

10/26 Maybrook Autumn Classic 5K – I better do this one. My mom is the race director. I’ll catch all kinds of hell for skipping this.

10/31 A Cure for the Curse Virtual race series – I had originally hoped to do these 3 races as 10Ks or half marathons, but I’ll be happy with a 5k.

11/11Stubby’s Sprint for America’s VetDogs – Well, I’m chairing this event so I for damned sure better be running it. And I hope some of you out there will do it, too! (Please oh Please oh Please check out the event page *link above* and the charity.)

Sergeant Stubby – the most decorated dog in history

And I better be finding more races to round out this year – at least a turkey trot and jingle jog. I’m only at 9 of 13 for the Dirt in Your Skirt Challenge and I really don’t want to have use virtual runs in it. It almost feels like cheating. I know it’s not, but still.

Anyway, actually typing this list out has made it seem like less of bust. Is it where I wanted to be at this point? No. But when does life ever go as planned?


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