Pirates, Poop, and Cookies

I had a pretty random weekend:

X rode his brand new scooter around Brooklyn. By ‘around Brooklyn’ I mean half a block, but his legs are only like a foot long so that counts as circumnavigating the borough.

Monster truck helmet, Cars shirt (with cape, of course), and Jake and the Neverland Pirates scooter. By toddler standards, he's a rock star.

Monster truck helmet, Cars shirt (with cape, of course), and Jake and the Neverland Pirates scooter. By toddler standards, he’s a rock star.

I got ALL the laundry done. Even the load of bed linens that I’ve been putting off because I didn’t want to have to fold the fitted sheets.

A pigeon took a massive dump on X’s head. After he had already had 2 baths that day.

I made a quickie cupcake delivery that totally felt like a drug deal. We met in a parking lot with both cars running. She passed me the cash (folded up with the smallest bill on the outside.) I passed her the pirate cupcakes for her grandson’s birthday.


These are the leftover not-as-pretty ones.

And one of those recipes-for-two all over Pinterest actually worked!

3 Nearly perfect cookies!

3 Nearly perfect cookies!

I have tried a few different mug-cake-in-the-microwave dealies and they come out with the consistency of partially set, yet tasty, asphalt. I have looked at individual cookie recipes before but have been wary thanks to the cake failures and the fact that they tend to require a tablespoon of egg which is dumb because what the hell am I supposed to do with the rest of the egg? But Jay was jonesing something sweet and I didn’t want him to go running out and buying us mass quantities of Klondike bars. Again. Long story.

So off to the interwebs I went in search of a recipe for just a few cookies. I found this one at a blog called Chocolate Covered Katie. I am pretty darn happy that my random Google search brought me there because she does healthy (or as healthy as things coated in chocolate can be) desserts! Freaking awesome!

I went with the all-purpose flour, regular sugars, and coconut oil options with mini-chocolate chips because that was what I had on hand. I may have undercooked them a wee bit (hence the “nearly perfect”) because I was way too impatient to let the oven properly preheat. They turned out deliciously and perfectly satiated that craving for something sweet without leaving me and Jay to figure out how to burn off the calories from an entire batch of chocolate chips.


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