2 Booms and a Bundt

This weekend, X got to have his first adventure up in the Mohonk Preserve. Jay wanted to go rock climbing with a friend of his and thought it would be a good time for me to learn how to climb, too. Jay’s friend was bringing his wife and another friend so there would always be eyes to watch the baby. We packed up early in the morning, grabbed a rugged diaper bag and the jogging stroller and headed up to New Paltz to meet up with everyone.

Now, our jogging stroller has  been trouble since day 1. I bought it cheap and didn’t expect much of it in the first place, but I did expect it to make it through at least a few jogs without getting a flat tire. Or 3. We had to buy a special pump for the front tire because it would work with any other bike pump. We couldn’t find our stroller tire pump the morning of the Mohonk adventure. Jay ended up just inflating the 2 big rear tires and we would just deal with the slightly flat front tire. We just needed the stroller to make it to the climbing spot and back. We weren’t running on it and we were going to be on carriage trails.

So we are walking along the trail from the West Trapps parking lot to whatever crazy rock face people with much less acrophobia than I were about to climb, when out of nowhere…


What in the Hell was that?!!  We all looked around expecting to see a car or truck on the nearby road with a blown out tire, or a rogue hunter/poacher with a shotgun in the Preserve. But, no, it was the stroller carrying my 2 year old! The left tire blew out! We didn’t know if it was the change in air pressure or if we hit something or what, but it was FREAKING LOUD. X was totally unfazed and wondering why we stopped.

We pushed on, Jay pushing what was turning more into a sled than a stroller. We left the stroller on the side of the carriage trail and I walked X up 10 feet or so of rocky trail to get to where we’d be.

People climbed. I chickened out when I saw the lack of obvious (to me, at least) hand and footholds. X thought it would be a laugh riot to smash his own hand with a softball-sized rock. It wasn’t.

We moved a little ways down the trail to another spot, leaving the stroller where it was. We could still see it and we were out in the middle of nowhere. And it was 2/3 busted so if someone wanted to steal it they could have it.

People climbed. I continued to keep my feet firmly planted on horizontal rock. Xavier thought it would be a laugh right to head-butt a Power Wheels-sized rock. It wasn’t.

Then, while Jay was climbing up the rock face like a giant gecko,


For real? This happened again? Why, yes. Yes it did. Tire number 3 burst apart and the sound echoed off the rock walls and giant boulders. We all reassured the hikers that were passing by that it was just our POS stroller.

We left the climbing party early. Pushing X in the stroller would have been a  pain in the ass so we needed to move before nap-time and while he could still walk himself out of the woods.

Having enough of an adventure on Saturday, Sunday I opted for a more culinary adventure. Namely, my Daring Baker challenge for April.

Natalia of Gatti Fili e Farina challenges us to make a traditional Savarin, complete with soaking syrup and cream filling! We were to follow the Savarin recipe but were allowed to be creative with the soaking syrup and filling, allowing us to come up with some very delicious cakes!

I really didn’t want to do this one, but seeing as I only just started back up, I kinda had to. So here it is. A Savarin soaked in double chocolate vodka and filled with peanut butter mousse (no recipes, kinda made it up as I went along.)   I drizzled the top with peanut butter and chocolate syrup. Tagalongs and cocoa nibs for garnish. Ta-Da! It wasn’t my favorite dessert ever, but my dad really liked it. So I guess it was a win.


Looks like hummus in a cake, huh?

X thought it would be a laugh riot to smash mousse into the cake and sing “Appy to you” (“Happy Birthday to You”.)

It was.

It was.



The stroller was declared dead yesterday by the bike shop that we brought it to to replace the tubes. When he disassembled  the wheels to put in the new tubes, he noticed that the little nubbins (I don’t know actual terminology here, people) that hold the tube in place were non-existent. With this ridiculous set-up, any slight change in air pressure or bump in the road will cause more booms no matter what fancy-pants tubes get put in there. Great.

So moral of this story: DO NOT BUY the InStep Safari jogging stroller. Unless you like having tires blow out under your child’s butt. In which case, I’m calling CFS.


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