Quickie blogkeeping note

I am a libra. As a libra, I am supposed to be very well balanced and can find happy medians between things. Supposed is the key word there. I end up just keeping both.

Prime example: this blog. It was primarily a baking blog, but then I got into OCRs so of course that topic dominated during the season. Most bloggers would say that I really to pick a primary focus and stay there. I’m going to be a bad blogger and keep doing both because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. So there.

To reflect this, I’ve changed the name of the blog to Dirt & Frosting and categorized each post as either Dirt (OCRs and related events,) Frosting (baking,) or Other Messes (all the other randomness.) Don’t care about mud? Just read Frosting. Couldn’t care less for sprinkles? Stick to Dirt.

And of course I revamped the appearance a little bit. Might be getting my own fancy logo soon, too!

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One thought on “Quickie blogkeeping note

  1. In my humble blogging opinion, this is a struggle all bloggers who blog for fun/themselves encounter at some point in their blogging careers. I fully support the combined topics motif 🙂

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