Ultimate Reset – Wrap up

I apologize for not doing a final Day 21 post about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. There were a few reasons for this.

  1. I actually ended on Day 19. I had a long, planned-months-in-advance tattoo appointment the following day that I needed to be properly nourished and full for in order to not pass out and then heal properly.  Also, Day 19 I went to Manhattan to see Cinderella on Broadway. The tickets were a Christmas present to me, my mother, and my sister from my husband. As part of the gift, I was taking them out to a nice dinner. Bringing a crappy salad or bowl of roasted fennel with me into a posh restaurant while my mom and sister ate porcini ravioli and filet mignon was NOT happening.
  2. How shall I say this one. Um.. the final week made me quite um.. irregular. I wasn’t going to get an accurate weigh-in when I hadn’t… er… eliminated my wastes in a few days. I wanted to wait until things were back to normal to get a final weight and measurements.
  3. I wanted to see how the results translated into real-life before I wrote anything. None of the Reset would have really mattered if 2 week later I was to blow back up into Kirstie Alley and start buying mayo in barrels.

So here is my final little progress chart.

Body Measurements/Weight Tracker
Measurments in Pounds 1/14/13 1/21/13 1/28/13 2/6/13 Total Losses
Weight 122.50 117.00 115.50 116.50 7.00
Measurments in Inches
Bust/Chest 0.00
Waist 30.00 28.50 27.50 27.50 2.50
Hips 37.00 37.00 36.50 36.50 0.50
Thigh 21.50 21.50 21.50 21.50 0.00
Knee 0.00
Calf 0.00
Bicep 11.00 10.50 10.25 10.50 0.75
Forearm 0.00
Total Inches 99.50 97.50 95.75 96.00
Difference over Previous Month 2.00 1.75 -0.25
Difference Overall 2.00 3.75 3.50
Enter your height (in.) in the cell below to calculate BMI.
60 23.99 22.91 22.62 22.81

According to the chart, I dropped 7 pounds in total and Jay lost about 20 pounds. I actually went up a pound in the final week and I think it was because my body went into starvation mode. The final week was just fruit and veggies. I ended up adding in the optional brown rice or quinoa to my meals because I was constantly hungry and no amount of water was satiating it. I was constantly cold and tired and weak. I’m pretty sure that had I been doing this thing during a warmer time of year, I might have fared better. But I chose to do this thing during the coldest month of the year and during a particularly bitter one at that. Low caloric intake + frigid temps = my brain thought we were going into an ice age and I needed to hold on to every calorie I consumed like I’d never see another wooly mammoth again.

Which one comes with fries and a soft drink?

I have definitely maintained my losses and I am fairly happy with where I am. I had been weighing between 120 and 125 prior to the reset and now I hover between 115 and 120. Also, my waist has stayed smaller to the point where none of my jeans fit me properly. They are all loose around the waist (but exactly the same on my hips because, well, I can’t really do anything about my hips. That’s not fat, that’s good old fashion womanly bone structure.)

Jay and I have also definitely maintained some of the eating habits. We are not eating meat as often as we were before. The oatmeal, fruit, and/or yogurt that had been our Reset breakfasts are still our breakfasts. We’ve grown to love foods that we wouldn’t have even recognized pre-Reset. We have tempeh in the refrigerator in lieu of bacon for weekend breakfasts. Vegetables take up much more of our dinner plates and Jay has even asked me to purchase salad fixings for him to bring for lunch. Alcohol has become more of weekend affair instead of a glass or 2 of wine a night. Jay has more or less kicked his beer habit.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is my reaction to non-natural foods. While I used to use the little pink packets of carcinogenic goodness to sweeten my tea, I can’t bear to put it in my morning cup anymore. Now I reach for Truvia or agave nectar. Our house is full of raw honey, real maple syrup, and raw agave nectar for all of our sweetening needs. (I even used it to make gluten-free cupcakes!) On a more visceral reaction, eating fast food is now even worse for me. While I always got the McRegrets after eating my nugget value meal, I really felt disgusting after eating my first fast food burger post-Reset. Hours later my stomach was still making unnatural noises and I wanted nothing to do with eating for another day. I still have my cravings and I will still go ahead and get the McNuggets or a Five-Guys fix every once in a while, but it is now a lot easier to say just say no. I am also more sensitive to eating too much sugar. This was evident after a weekend of baking like a mad-woman- 3 dozen cookies, a batch of mini-cupcakes, and 12 dozen standard cupcakes- tasting along the way (for quality control purposes, of course.) I still have a sugar headache from that one. I also think that this Reset amplified my sensitivity to milk fat. A glass of 2% chocolate milk nearly took me out as badly as the Five Guys burger did.

All in all, I’d say that the Ultimate Reset was a success. Jay and I have learned how to eat better and enjoy the good-for-you foods. We are even using some Reset recipes at our son’s 2nd birthday party next weekend. Our metabolisms are revved up to where we can have a “bad” day and not have ruined everything we worked for. We both feel a lot better. Our tummies are flatter. Jay is definitely ready to run an OCR without a shirt on. I think I can pull off wearing shorts for a run now, but I may have to stick with a full length shirt for now.

Will we do it again? That would be a definite maybe. If the kit goes on sale again or we get some kind of fabulous deal, we’ve already said that we will do it again for the new year. Would I pay the full price, probably not. Personally, I did not think the supplements and stuff were worth $200. The lessons learned are where the value is. The cost of everything just kept me honest with myself.


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