Ultimate Reset – Day 15

Today begins Phase 3 of my Ultimate Reset. It is the Restore phase. Legumes and grains get kicked to the curb. Fruits and veggies will be my life. I’ve added Revitalize to my supplement regime, which appears to be a pro-biotic cocktail to help replace the good intestinal fauna. They look like the giant acidophilus pills that I used to take when I was on hardcore antibiotics for my cystic acne (it could also treat bubonic plague!) Best of all…

NO MORE DETOX!!! Woohoo!!! On less festive note, the reality of minimal calories and lack of meat protein has hit me like a ton of bricks. Saturday, while shopping for Phase 3 foods, I thought I was going to pass out from hunger or hypoglycemia or something. I stuck it out, though, and waited patiently for lunchtime to roll around. After lunch I was super sleepy which has become my norm. While waiting for dinner, I was freezing no matter how much I cuddled up on the couch next to my parents’ pellet stove with a blanket and a husband. Such is the life of a Resetter.

The meals have been filling me up (sometimes I can’t even finish it) but it’s like I’m eating Chinese food- I’m starving half an hour later.

But I can’t go pulling one of these lovelies out of the bag of leftovers.

The cravings are all still there. I’m even craving things that I don’t even like. I’ve been wanting barbecued brisket for a week now. I’ve never wanted brisket before in my life. Hell, I didn’t even have cravings like this when I was pregnant. What gives?

I can deal with hunger. I’ve been handling the cravings. But the hardest thing? Curbing little habits that I don’t even realize I’m doing  but have been so ingrained in me that I have to be super-aware of my actions to avoid doing them. Prime example: Licking the peanut butter off the butter knife when I make X a peanut butter sandwich. So innocuous. So innocent. So hard to not do.  I’ve caught myself a few times. Same with licking the ketchup off my fingers when a little gets on there while opening the packet for the kid. I’m afraid that I am going to get the flavor in my mouth and then crack and eat a wheel-barrow full of french fries covered in Heinz.

Speaking of the kid, he (of course) has decided that these few weeks are when he really wants to practice sharing food. He shoves chicken nuggets or Cheez-Its or peanut butter in my face at every meal. Vile little creature. You know he won’t try to share when I actually can have these things.

And then there is my Starving-Children-in-Biafra Syndrome. SCBS was passed down to me from my father. Anytime I would leave food on a plate, he would rattle on about the starving children in Biafra. (What’s Biafra? Here, look it up. I had no clue what he was talking about for the longest time) Anyway, now I can’t leave food. It has to be eaten. Since trying to eat better, I’ve always served myself smaller portions so that I can clean my plate without over eating. This methodology does not work with a toddler. He leaves food and I have always eaten his leftovers. Sometimes I wouldn’t even serve myself anything because I knew I’d get a meal from what he wouldn’t eat. I can’t do that now. He leaves his fish sticks untouched and I have to throw them out. I can hear my father talking about starving children from a nation that dissolved before I was born. I can see the pictures of the emaciated Somali boys and girls from my Weekly Readers in elementary school. It hurts to waste this food. I try to pack it up for him to eat for another meal the next day, but after a reheating I can’t really save it again.


The end of this cleanse is near. Just a few more days and then I can start easing my normal foods back in.

Measurments in Pounds 1/14/13 1/21/13 1/28/13 Month Loss Total Losses
Weight 122.50 117.00 115.50* 1.50 7.00
Measurments in Inches
Waist 30.00 28.50 27.50 1.00 2.50
Hips 37.00 37.00 36.50 0.50 0.50
Thigh 21.50 21.50 21.50 0.00 0.00
Bicep 11.00 10.50 10.25 0.25 0.75
Total Inches 99.50 97.50 95.75
Difference over Previous Month 2.00 1.75
Difference Overall 2.00 3.75
BMI 23.99 22.91 22.62

*I actually hit a low of 114.5 pounds but I won’t count it because I’ve only been recording Monday morning’s weigh in.


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