To Market, To Market

<<UPDATE>> The cupcakes are ready to be sold at LiberTea in Newburgh. One was sold before I even left the shop!!!

A few months ago, Chef Hubby and I went on a gastronomical tour of Newburgh. Now, the City of Newburgh, on the shores of the Hudson River, has gotten a bad rap.  It is associated with high crime and poverty and all that other bad stuff that drives people away.  But Newburgh is slowly but surely breaking out of that funk.  If you visit the you can see all the good that is being done, from community service projects to small businesses re-taking the abandoned storefronts. But fat lot of good restoring the city if nobody goes there. So we went there. We ate Pete’s Hot Dogs, chocolates from the Commodore Chocolatier (whose been there since 1935, by the way!), Yummee Cupcakes Cafe and the Ixtapa Taco Truck (of Tony Bourdain fame.) The hot dogs were delicious (even to die-hard NYC dirty water dog fans.) The chocolate was made fresh on the premises and was just perfect. Willy Wonka himself couldn’t to better. Yummee had so many mouthwatering choices that we walked out with 4 giant cupcakes because we couldn’t decide on a flavor. And Ixtapa? Probably the best Mexican food I have eaten EVER.  It was so fresh and so yummy. What was extra wonderful was that they started cutting the onions, garlic, and herbs after we ordered. No soggy, flavorless ingredients here, folks. Just fresh, authentic tacos.

Last month, a new diamond arouse from the rough just across the street from Washington’s Headquarters. It is a brand new tea shoppe/cafe called LiberTea. [Here is a piece about the cozy little place from the Newburgh Restoration webpage] I had met Barbara, the owner, at Cupcake-a-Palooza back in April. She provided tea and coffee for people to sip while tasting cupcakes. The shoppe was obviously not open yet, but I was super-excited about it. I love tea, buta tea shoppe is hard to find in this Starbucks-infused, coffee dependent society. She told me that she would be looking for local bakers to provide tasty treats for her shoppe once it got off the ground. While sipping tea and noshing on samples of Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, we swapped business cards.

Almost as soon as I found out LiberTea had finally opened, the hubby and I headed there for breakfast. The street looked like it could have been torn out of SoHo and the shoppe is downright bucolic.

Seriously, how cute is this place?

He had some of the tastiest pancakes he’d ever had-  banana and chocolate chip. And these weren’t any of those disturbingly perfect-looking, yet tasteless, pancakes you get at Denny’s.

Real food doesn't look like this, people.

These were deliciously real and fresh pancakes. If I hadn’t seen the man in the kitchen making them himself, I would have been pretty sure they had kidnapped my grandma and had her chained to the stove making breakfast. I had a blueberry lemon scone that was provided by the Yummee Cupcakes Cafe with fresh blueberry preserves.

Yummee scones!

Dee-lish. And I don’t typically like fruity stuff. Chef Hubby even loved the scone, and he hates scones. We shared a pot of African Rooibos tea, even though he’s a coffee drinker. They do brew coffee there, as well, but how can you go to a tea shoppe and not try a cup? I ended up buying a bag of those tea leaves to bring home. It was the perfect Sunday morning breakfast.

This Sunday, I will be returning to LiberTea for breakfast. But this time I will be bringing a dozen or so cupcakes with me because LiberTea has decided that they would like to feature MY cupcakes! LiberTea will be the first ever location to carry Cwupcakes! Irish Car Bomb cupcakes to be precise. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE head out to Newburgh sometime in the next week and pick up a cupcake and some tea. Or a whole breakfast.  You will be benefitting me and LiberTea and the restoration of Newburgh. LiberTea is located at 89 Liberty St, Newburgh, NY 12550.
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