Hold the drama, please.

Some people really need to get a life.

Now some of you may be thinking to yourself Well, yes. We’ve all known this for while. Why are you bringing this up now? Here is why:

When I found out I was pregnant, I joined The Bump. It is a website of all pregnancy and baby related stuff. It is a pretty good information source. If you have a question about anything, odds are there is an answer there. There is also a community attached to it. All different message boards specializing in everything from Trying to Conceive to Toddlers that, from what I understood, were where people going through similar experiences could talk, vent, commiserate, ask for help and give advice. Oh boy was I wrong. It is really just a place for people with way to much time on their hands to take massive dumps of verbal diarrhea on other people’s heads. Ask a question that someone already asked that year? Get flamed. Ask a stupid question? Get flamed. Verbalize an opinion that is not the status quo? Get flamed. And there are women who apparently spend their entire lives in the little virtual commune because those same women who berate you for opting to get an epidural at your delivery rather than going for the natural water birth with chromatherapy pain relief techniques will also be the ones to post about whatever random bullshit is on TV. So some poor woman can’t ask about soy formula without getting a 3 screen long lecture about ‘breast is best’ but you can ramble on about last night’s episode of Two and Half Men? Really?

I hung around while I was pregnant anyway. I gave these women the benefit of the doubt. Hormones are vicious things and they can make pregnant women crazy. But then when I hit the Babies: 3-6 month board and they were STILL being vindictive, I gave up. I left. I have real flesh and blood people I can talk to about babies if I need to.

I switched myself over to The Nest, which is a sister site of the Bump, but it is more of a catch-all place for money questions, home decorating, cooking, relationships, etc. Specifically, I was interested in the pet section. I had 2 dogs and was also looking to get another dog to bring the family back to 3 dogs after losing Odin. They are constantly getting in trouble, having ear infections, doing weird things that I thought I could share with other dog people.  These people were soo much better than the hormonally-challenged Bumpies. After mentioning that I was afraid of being flamed when I said that I was going to be purchasing a dog rather that rescuing like I typically do, I was reassured that nobody would flame be for doing that as long as I went through a reputable breeder. I had a warm fuzzy feeling for the rest of the day and throughout my breeder search.

This weekend I picked up the family’s newest member:

Beowulf, the Cane Corso

I did tons of research. I found what I considered a reputable breeder. What makes a reputable breeder? There is a lot of criteria, but I went with the Cane Corso Association of America’s guidelines and my own personal opinions and intuition. The family I found loves the breed, is registered, shows their dogs (and wins,) keeps a clean operation, screened us before letting us so much as visit the puppies, offers assistance if  we have questions… everything you would want. I thought I made a good decision.

But then I posted my proud puppy photo on the Pet board. A lot of positive responses and compliments came. But then someone asked how old he is. And I answered. He is 7 weeks old. One week younger than he should be before being sold. Well, I got my ass handed to me. I was told that I went to a backyard breeder and I have doomed this puppy to a life of poor health and I encouraged poor breeding practices. I am a bad person and I went to a bad breeder. No reputable breeder would have puppies available and no good breeder would give the puppy to me at 7 weeks. And, honestly, I could be wrong about his age. I am terrible at dates. I might have the wrong birth date. But no, the lovely family I purchased this puppy from, which passed every other one of the qualifications of a ‘reputable breeder,’  is evil incarnate because of this one criterion. (P.S. if you look in the CCAA’s website, 6 weeks is the minimum age. It’s state agriculture codes that say they must be 8 weeks.) And if I did make a mistake, how about telling me nicely where my error was, rather than jumping to the conclusion that I am an irresponsible dog owner?

I am pretty sure that the haters are creepy  people who have limited human interaction outside of internet message boards. So good-bye crazy forum people. Keep doing your anti-disposable diaper protests and putting people down for not being exactly like you. I’ll continue to share stories and advice with friends and family and look to experts and professionals for help when I need it.




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