Give Peas a Chance

My little 4 month old X-Man eats like a teenager. He seems to be a bottomless pit, wanting to consume more formula than the laws of physics say he should be able to fit in his tiny tummy. He is so voracious that his pediatrician put him on cereal at 2 months even though most would say not to dare give such things to babies under 4 months– sometimes even 6 months.  A few weeks ago, though, things changed. He seemed to get bored halfway through a bottle. I don’t think it was that he was full because he’d be looking around for more after spitting the nipple out. Then when I’d shove the bottle back in his mouth he’d take a sip and spit it back out as if I had given him a can Shasta when he specifically asked for Diet Pepsi with a twist of lime and crushed ice. I figured he was going through a phase or something because that’s what you say when you have no clue what’s going on.

I had a revelation while going through a pile of papers looking for a piece of paper that was not in the pile of papers. I had found the feeding notes that the pediatrician that took care of me back in 19diggity2 gave to my mom. I had asked my mom to find them because she had used these notes to raise me, my brother, and my sister. We turned out well for the most part. No crazy allergies, health problems or food issues (I refuse to eat meat that looks like it came from an animal and my brother went through a phase where he put hoisin sauce on everything but I don’t think that had anything to do with our infancies.) According to the good doctor’s recommendations, Xavier should already be eating cereal and fruits and veggies! This might just have been why he didn’t want his bottle so much. He was bored to tears with formula, formula, formula with cereal, formula, formula…

I went to the store and bought him a set of baby bowls and those little rubber coated spoons and X got to eat his cereal from a spoon for the first time ever. His Abuela did the honors and he, as expected, got more on his bib than in his mouth but, considering it was his first time, he did well. So well that Abuela y Abuelo bought him a Baby Bullet so we could get started on the other foods. At first I thought that his first veggies would still be a little further down the timeline, but lets face it, that cereal tastes bland and nasty and I couldn’t suffer the poor kid to eat nothing but formula and oatmeal for more than a week, so we moved on to fruits and veggies.

Not wanting to make big batches of baby food that he might not like, we started X with the Gerber stuff. He’s had bananas, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots and his favorite so far: PEAS! I am so happy he loves peas because I adore peas and would be very upset if he didn’t like them. One of my favorite foods is simple macaroni and peas which I plan on making for him when he gets bigger.

By happy coincidence, our local farm announced that peas were ready to be picked! So we met up with some friends at Lawrence Farms to go pea picking and put the kid to work in the fields. He wasn’t a very good farmhand and got cranky after about 2.7 seconds, so I picked peas while Chef Hubby gave the lazy little baby a bottle in the shade. I got over a pound of sugar snap and English peas, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell the difference when I got home. I shelled ’em all and put them all together.

Can you tell that there's 2 different peas in there? Didn't think so.

Then Chef Hubby steamed up a cup of them and threw them in the Baby Bullet with a little water and voila:

Fresh, and apparently Happy, Green Pea Puree

We got 6 little X-Man-sized servings. I froze 4 and kept 2 out for his dinner the next night. X loved his green pea puree. What he did NOT love was the little bits of un-blended peas that he coughed up. Baby food fail.

Last night, I thawed the remaining food and (after frantically searching for 15 minutes for the the food strainer that was hanging on the pot rack in front of my face) tried straining out the pea bits. What I got out of the strainer was pea juice. Blech. So I gave up on straining and dumped the pea juice and the chunky pea puree back into the Baby Bullet and buzzed the crap out of it until I thought the motor was gonna explode. Success! A nearly flawless batch of pea mush!

Now the homemade green pea baby food has the X-Man seal of approval! We’ll be making our own baby food whenever yummy looking fruits or veggies make an appearance at the farm or the grocery store! I will not have to feed X at the whim of the Gerber** corporation!

Oh, and I used the remaining peas (and spinach that we also picked at the farm) to make some beloved macaroni and peas for Chef Hubby and myself.

nom nom nom

**Not to bad-mouth the wonderful Gerber corporation because X is vying for a spot as the 2011 Gerber Generation Star– ENTRY ID: 150938. Vote for X starting July 5!!!! X needs a $50,000 scholarship!