Baby-Free Weekend!!

Parents are funny creatures. They complain about how hard it was to take care of you when you were a baby and how they can’t wait until you become a mother/father and have to deal with all the horrors yourself. Then they become grandparents and all the want to do is take care of your baby.

From the moment I told my mom that I was pregnant with X, she was dying to babysit. Knowing our wedding anniversary was just a few weeks after X was due, she offered to take him for a day or two so we could go on a little mini-vacation like we always do for our anniversary. She repeated the offer, constantly, once X was born. Every time I’d see her, she would ask when she was going to be able to baby-sit. So Chef Hubby booked a hotel in Manhattan a week or so in advance and we told mom she was going to get her opportunity. She was so excited. Then X decided to develop…

wait for it…


Yes, my easy pregnancy and easy delivery yielded a gassy, screaming beast. My mother was expecting the adorable little grandson that was so quiet and good for the first few weeks. What she got was little mister i-don’t-want-to-back-to-sleep-after-my-3am-bottle. But mom had already agreed to watch him. Sucker.

So while my mother got zero sleep for 2 nights (and remembered why she had me when she was 22 rather than now when she’s… er… older than 22,) Chef Hubby and I were sleeping soundly at a nice hotel next to United Nations.

When we weren’t catching up on z’s, we played gastro-tourist in the City where we met. Here is a rundown:

Anonymous Hot-Dog Cart, somewhere between Midtown and Chelsea*

We got peckish on the way to our dinner destination and so had to stop for a NYC staple- the Dirty Water Dog. Scoff if you must, but even though they don’t taste as good as they did before all the street food regulations were put into place, I just have to get that questionable street-meat whenever I have the opportunity. I know they are sitting there simmering for an unknown amount of time in water of unknown origins being served up by strange dudes who are also of unknown origins, but I’ve been eating them for years and I haven’t died yet.

Pop Burgers @ Pop Burger, Greenwich Village

I watch too much Cooking Channel and Travel Channel. I saw this place on some show on one of these channels and needed to go. I’m a big fan of sliders and this place supposedly made a damn good one. I honestly did not understand the hype behind these burgers. I thought they were kinda of dry, actually. And the ambiance isn’t my cup of tea. The clientele were twenty-somethings (and forty-somethings who thought they were twenty-somethings) grabbing a bite and a drink before heading to some hipster dance club. They played too loud, crappy music. Like Justin Bieber and the like. At one point they had the B-52’s on for about 30 seconds before they realized that Love Shack wasn’t sung by an American Idol finalist and swapped it out for some autotune processed shite.

Pig Candy @ Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, Essex Street Market

Chocolate covered bacon.

Oink Oink Baby!

I don’t think I really need to say anymore. But I do because they also had absinthe truffles. Yum 🙂

Wine and Cupcakes @ Sweet Revenge, Greenwich Village

THIS WAS MY IDEA FIRST, DAMMIT!!!!! Chef Hubby and I were going to open a bar and serve expertly paired cupcakes with our wines, but we had no start up money. I was sooooooo mad when I saw that credit card commercial featuring this joint. Sour grapes aside, the cupcakes were very tasty and the suggested wines complimented them perfectly. I had the Not-so-Dirty Cupcake (dark chocolate cake with Milk chocolate ganache) with Petalo Moscato spumante. Chef Hubby had the Sweet Revenge Cupcake (peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache and pb fudge) with Los Perdices Malbec.

Not-So-Dirty but still pretty sinful

“Carnivore Toastie” @ Puck Fair, SoHo

Chef Hubby concocted a toastie off of their menu. Well, first we had to ask what a toastie was. The waitress defined it as “a glorified grilled cheese.” Then Chef Hubby asked for one made with bacon, Irish sausage, and pate.

PETA must have sanctions against this thing

Blech, for me. He, on the other hand, was on Cloud Nine waiting for the elevator to Cloud Ten.

Weird Aussie food @ Public, SoHo

  1. Thai Basil Rum Runner – Basil? In a cocktail? Don’t mind if I do.
  2. Salad of herby lentils, green beans, avocado, toasted pecans and baby gem with pomegranate molasses and avocado oil vinaigrette – My very tasty foray into eating something even remotely healthy all weekend.
  3. Grilled kangaroo on a coriander falafel with lemon tahini sauce and green pepper relish – I ate kangaroo! And barely cooked kangaroo at that! It was more of a tartare preparation and holy cow (roo?) it wasn’t that bad. I don’t think I would order it for myself, but I am so proud of myself that i tried it!
  4. Pan-seared Tasmanian sea trout with carrot-cardamom puree, hibiscus braised fennel, chick peas and edamame – Sea trout tastes an awful lot like salmon. I loved the veggie-ness that came with it!
  5. Snail and oxtail ravioli with pickled shiitake mushrooms, oven dried tomatoes, pea shoots and smoked paprika oil – Chef Hubby made me try it. I don’t like oxtail and I really don’t like mollusks of any form. I am also picky about mushrooms and anything pickled. I did not like this.

*All neighborhoods mentioned are approximates seeing as they change the boundaries and names of NYC neighborhoods every third day or so. Dumbo, DSoLita, NoMad, NoBro… WTF?


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