Irish Car Bombs “Cwup”cakes

I just had to write up a little mini-post about these cupcakes. They are from a recipe I found at Spork or Foon a couple of years ago, and I am eternally grateful to her for sharing it. The cupcakes consist of a chocolate stout cake filled with a chocolate whiskey ganache and topped with Bailey’s Irish cream buttercream frosting. I add way too much top shelf whiskey (Scotch, actually, because it is what I have in my house) and a disgusting amount of Bailey’s. People without a good alcohol tolerance tend to get drunk off of these cupcakes. I made them once and Chef Hubby insisted I keep making them until zombies infest the planet and I could no longer find anymore cocoa powder. He likes them so much that he calls them Cwuppycakes just to be cute. This is where I got my name, Cwupcake, from.

Tonight I threw a batch together for a bake sale at the local VFW. I have made them many many many times before but these just looked extra yummy. They begged for a picture. Unfortunately, I suck at photography so the shots don’t do them any justice:

Best. Cupcake. Ever.




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