Chef Hubby’s Asian Challenge

Chef Hubby survived his first Daring Cook Challenge and came back for February’s (I’m posting late.) It was Japanese-inspired. This one came out DELICIOUS! The marinated pork was so yummy (and I’m not a big pork eater.) But he fails to mention the garlic cloves that he tempura-ized– so good!

This challenge was interesting for my very Spanish and Italian household. While we both try different things in the kitchen Japanese was a very welcome and new flavor!

I decided to do pork two ways, I initially started with a simple brine where some of the pork was pan seared and butterflied and served with the noodles, minced garlic, vegetable broth green onion and red and green peppers finished the dish.

The rest of the pork was cut into bite sized pieces and used in the tempura along with broccoli, porto bella mushroom (a love of mine), zucchini, and yellow squash.

finally the full experience, not as good as the restaurant but i tried to make it as authentic as I could with wasabi and pickled ginger. Over all I’d say a decent first in my attempt at Japanese cuisine. I hope the Iron chefs dont try to kick my butt if it isnt tasty. Sad


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