Chef Hubby’s First Daring Cook’s Challenge

Last month, I convince Chef Hubby to join the Daring Kitchen with me. Having a severe allergy to measuring cups, he opted for the Daring Cook (non-blogger) portion of the site. Upon first inspection of the previous month’s challenges, he thought it was going to be a walk in the park. Poached eggs? Souffles? Easy. Little did he know that his very first challenge was to be a 4 day adventure into French peasant food. His assignment was a duck confit and cassoulet, with the recipe coming from none other than his idol and man-crush Anthony Bourdain!

Here is his first post on his first ever challenge. Hopefully he will continue to be a guest poster on my blog!

Considering this was my first challenge i was already a bit intimidated. Realizing it was a recipe from one of my favorite chefs, from one of my favorite spots in the city, well now i was down right scared.

Duck AND chicken (wife DB cwupcake doesnt like duck, nor fat) in olive oil…

Pork and beans makes me think of camp!!!!!

Finished product.. I decided to sear the legs for a GBD finish, Tony Bourdain please forgive me!!!! Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and after a 4 day ordeal i was both relieved and glad the yummy conclusion proved to be worth it!


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